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Beaches Negril day of wedding timeline

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Hi! I was hoping someone who has been married at Beaches Negril could help answer this question.  I am planning to be married in April 2013.  I would like to schedule 4 pm to perhaps avoid some of the midday heat.  I've read that even if you don't order the photography package, there is still a resort photographer.  I do have friends who are photographers that are coming so I hope to just have them take the majority of photos.  After the ceremony, does the resort photographer require you to take photos with just them or do you think they'd mind if my friends were taking some as well?  I'm just worried that if the resort photographer does that, there won't be enough time before the sun sets for my friends, whose style I actually want for my photos, to take enough photos of us and our wedding party and guests.  Perhaps an earlier time?  


Any tips for any aspect of a Beaches Negril wedding would be fantastic! Thanks!

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