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Coconoir's Planning Thread Pgs 1-8, Final Review & Templates Pgs. 18-19

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Wedding Reception:

Again, in adding pops of colors... well in this case all out color!  The reception was all about Hubby.  I was Fuchsia and he Turquoise.... Perfect combo ;-) Please refer to my Moon Palace review (link in my signature) to see more about vendor's, set-up etc...)


In either case, there were limited DIY's here

-Lumi's (which was metioned at our welcome cocktail hour) (template not provided)

-Turquoise drink stirrers in honor of Hubby's Signature Drink (no template but the same instructions apply) Ha I realized I didn't take  pictures BangHead.gif

-Wedding wands (no template used) used round sticks from Michaels/AC Moore, hot glue gun, ribbon (double sided) and bling.

-Dinner Menus (DIY) same instructions apply as our Cocktail Menu's

-Signature Drink Sign (DIY)

-Wedding Wand Sign (DIY)

-Fuchsia Trays (painted with Martha Stewart paint) sealed with Modge Podge


Picutures first... followed by templates

wedding wand sign.JPGwedding wands.JPG









Dinner Menus






Hubby's Siganture drink sign (he doesn't drink at all) The words were taking from Kevin Har'ts (a comedian) show.











Wedding Wand Sign.docx

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All together minuse the silver plate holders to hold up our signs and butterflie confetti cut outs... it was windy



Our wands at work.. this was amazing



You can see more pictures of our lounge and table set-ups but here is a close picture of the kids table (well table where 2 kids sat) I had the following for my flower girls

Pink buckets with candy, and coloring books and crayons. One of my flower girls is 3 years old so she pulled the 3 apart LOL  needless to say she took the number with her.. I love my baby you can also see a picture of our blue signature drink on the table that has a DIY stirrer in in. 



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MORE INFO and templates

Okay.... my son was the only boy and sat at table 1.  For him I did (not pictured)

His nickname in painted Blue letters for his place setting which read JAY.  He also had a Marvel coloring book, crayons, Marvel stickers and a thank you card with $20 in it.  A thank you card was included as he had to deal with me and all my DIY stuff over the house etc... and he also helped out from time to time especially when it came to the glue gun and heat gun. 


Here are other templates/pictures of things I forgot to mention:

CEREMONY DIY (Only Fan programs)


No template used. These were placed in opposite color on every seat


Ring bearer shell

Wright wedding 7.jpg


Cake Table (Vendors mentioned in the beginning of the forum)



Sand Ceremony Table at the ceremony


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And just when I thought I was finished!


I found a picture that I took of Hubby's drink stirrers for the reception.  If you look at this "Signature Drink" template the saying's match.  Since, my new last name was going but is now WRIGHT, I used that to play up the name.  Again I made 75 of these as well


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Color coding is a GREAT idea.  I was on the fence about individual bags versus couples bags but I think its a good idea to tailor them.  Can you tell us what was the difference between the bags?  What did you put in female/male bags and what did you put in couples bags? Everything looks great but I'm sure you know that. lol 1-pray.gif Thanks in advance!


Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post


Updates in May!

Wow, it seems like such a long time that I have updated anything on this site!   I find myself contemplating all that I will put into my final planning thread (without having our professional pictures back),  so that it's complete, however; this would only lead to post in June, which will happen anyway.  So, for now I will add pictures that our guest took and templates.  I will do my best to add things as they happened as this will help me to stay organized stupid.gif


Coco's discliamer *All pictures are non-professional pictures.  Once I am done uploading all post, I will mark this by saying "The End." Lastly, if I do not include a template it is probably one that I do not intend or sharing.  Likewise, if you find a template that does not include the graphics that I used, that is because I do not intend on sharing that as it was designed for us. 

If you are new to my planning thread, please take a moment to look at the first few pages which will have pictures, explains vendors etc.  If you have been following me for a while, then please take a look at my review for Moon Palac before you get started here as this will have a lot of things in it.  You can find the link in my signature!


So, let's get started shall we?

Since the majority of the DIY projects came with the concept of OOT bags, let's start with all things centered around OOT.  Since we planned to have welcome cocktails, I thought it would be great to give the bags out that night.  Most guests arrived on Thursday and our Welcome Cocktails were Friday so... it simply made sense so that they could start using the bags immediately.  Here is a picuture of the bags lined up on the Terrace... They were color coded this way:

All pink: single females

All blue: single males

Combo (pink and blue): Couples!  Couples received 1 bag



bags and tissue paper purchaed from Nashvillewraps.com



-Welcome folder (there was no template for this)!  I took a 12x14 sheet of Bazzille paper (found at Michaels) and folded it in half and then folded it up.  I used Martha Stewarts glue  & bone folder to make the creases.

-DND signs

-Tears of Joy packets

-Vista Print "Wish you were here" postcards

- Welcome booklet


Other DIY contents/or their parts in the bag

-Adult Activity book

-Kids activity book (given in pre-mailing packet)

-1st Aid Kit

-chapstick labels

-oot bag tag labels
















DND graphics removed.pptx

First Aid Kit graphics removed.doc

Adult Activity Book.docx

activity answer key.pdf

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Coconoir1908 -


Welcome home & thank you for sharing such detail about your special day!!!!  It was as if we were there - the pictures are breathtaking!  Your colors so vibrant!



I just had some quick questions in regard to your Chapstick template.  


1.  What type of stickers/labels did you use to print these out on?  

2.  Did you take off th original chapstick labels or just place over them?


Thanks for your expertise!


Warmest regards,





Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post



The Kids brochure is proving too big to upload, so if you are interested in this, send me a pm with your email address.





















CD Chapstick.doc

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Wow - you have done a great job!  Everything looked amazing!  I especially like how you incorporated little saying like "Do me Wright" -- very cute!

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