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Coconoir's Planning Thread Pgs 1-8, Final Review & Templates Pgs. 18-19

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not soon at all msncry.gif  We all know that people take their own time regardless of deadlines unfortunately.  So, my TA and I planned for that LOL


1) We told our guest that all initial payments were due by October 1 which is however; we had a 30 day window for late comers.

2) 30 days before the deadline I would update my website in the "What new section" and advise them of the deadline

3) For those that did not book (my TA always kept me informed), I sent a "It's time to book" brochures, likewise for those that booked I sent a "thank your for booking brochure" almost the same but deleted some information that wasn't necessary for those that booked.

4) All payments were due by Feb 3rd... so in the new year I sent reminder postcards for final payments as well as passports.


We had a rough final count by Jan as most had paid but had 4 guest add on at the end (but I always made extra DIY stuff so it didn't matter)

Originally Posted by SoontobeMrsRay View Post

Thanks! It did! 

another question? 

How soon after the STDs did you get an exact count of who would come? 

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I'm so glad that this sparked some inspiration;/) happy planning

I absolutely LOVE your planning thread. I have so many new ideas! Thank you for posting!!!


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I really enjoy your planning thread!!! I LOVE the shell ring carrier. Where did you get the shell???


Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post


Well, as best I tried to remember everything I didn't. Please charge it to my end of the road transition from planning to packing ;-)  Here are my flower girl bags.  My FG's are 3 & 4 years old which, so I wanted to keep things the same as much as possible as they will be sitting at the same table.  I love my little babies but they are spoiled and not just from me.  So the "I want this, etc.." should be limited as they have the same things.  smile36.gif most of the items were purchased from Michaels & Target with a few things being found at Burlington Coat Factory & Marshalls. 


Their bags

FG bags.JPG


Their little lunch boxes/purses filled with goodies



And everything all together.



I also have Coloring books with stickers that will be at their tables during the reception.  It will hopefully keep them busy if they are not dancing. 


Here is the shell that my son will carry our rings in.  This and the shells that FI and I will pour our sand from (mentioned earlier) were purchased from: conchking.com

My son the ring bearer shell.                                         The inspiration Photo that sparked me to find the shell ;-)



FI & I shell x2, I didn't unwrap the other.  I'm not to sure where I purchased the stands from.  Another BDW bride was going to sell me hers but she only had one.  I'm quite sure I have the email buried somewhere. 



Our Reception table numbers.

Hand painted numbers and bases which I purchased from Michaels.  I used Martha Stewarts craft paints. These will be assembled in Mexico with Gorilla Glue

Table numbers.jpg


Our DIY cocktail hour menus, & stirrers (I made 75), along with our purchased napkins

Cocktail Hour 1.jpgMy Signature Drink Stirrers.JPGphoto(2).JPG



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take out your ruler and you can certaintely tell from there (that's what I had to do ;-)  I didn't as I didnt' want the rings to drawn.  I believe I purchased the 4-5in as the shells that we used for the sand ceremony was probably the 6-7 or 7-8 inch ones. 

Originally Posted by JustNoelle View Post

Thanks for the website. I am a little confused about the sizes . Did you purchase the largest one?

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