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DJ Chris Love did my wedding. I would not recommend him if you really want a memorable party. Yes, he showed up on time. Yes, he played our music. Yes, his equipment worked. But other than that he just sat behind his equipment doing nothing all night. We had to go over to him repeatedly throughout the night to ask him to do the toasts or start the garter toss or change the song because no one was dancing to a particular one he put on. Before the wedding, I kinda started to get a bad feeling when I asked him if we could set up a time to discuss details (shouldn't HE be asking ME that) and he replied, "Send me a playlist." Wow....panic mode. In the end, I ended up typing up a schedule for him, which I don't even think he had with him during the wedding. If that's what I wanted, I would have rented a sound system and used my iPod.


One of the things we initially liked about him was the fact that he spoke perfect English. Unfortunately, every time he got on the mic, you could pretty much tell he hated public speaking. His announcements were not made with confidence--he sounded nervous and anxious and stumbled over his words. We also told him in advance to make all of our announcements in both English and Spanish, and he continually forgot to say things in Spanish. Again...more trips over to his table....


Average price, average DJ...at best.

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