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Reusable Shopping Bags for OOT Bags

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Is anyone else using these for their OOT Bags? I'm having to make about 20 OOT bags or more and wanted to use the most cost effiecient bags I could possibly find.. At first I was considering paper bags in my colors.. But after browsing soo many different stores, I absolutely LOVE those shiny looking reusable shopping bags!.. And best part, you can find them for less than $5 each and they are a pretty good quality, seeing how they are "reusable" shopping bags. But I've seen some that look just as good if not better than $20 beach bags I've seen. Where are you lades buying yours? I would love to see pics! Anyone using yellow/gray colors, Best Buy has some super cute and big ones right now. ( I was soo jealious!) I'm not sure of the price, :o( sorry. But they are def worth looking at if you want to use those colors! Also, Michaels has some great ones for girls if you are doing kid bags (pink and green strips I posted a pic on a thread I created last night for OOT Bags for girls) and they also have red striped ones for younger girl and larger bags in red and yellow, I believe. Colors may vary from store to store. My colors are pink and orange.. If anyone happens to come across any that may match, that info would be greatly appreciated. If if they have white, black, brown, tan or silver mixed with orange or pink those would even be great!

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