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March 10, 2012 Riu Montego Bay Wedding

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Just wanted to let you all know about my wonderful wedding experience at the Riu Montego Bay. I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. You have to know that the wedding coordinators have everything under control, they have all the details planned, they just aren't great at telling you all the details. So ask about things you want to know, and things you haven't even thought of they have planned out. They are around for most of the wedding and activites afterwards so you can always ask them questions during the wedding day.


We did the Caprice package, which I would highly recommend. We got married at the Gazebo on the beach and they decorated it very nicely and our pictures came out really nice. The extras in the package are things you dont really need, but they make the whole experience even better. The breakfast in bed is really good!! Best breakfast of the trip. Also if they don't upgrade your room when you check in, tell the wedding coordinator. We ended up with a waterfront suite, which was really nice.


The photographer is the only person there on a strict time schedule so be on time for him, we missed out on 45 minutes of pictures after dinner because our dinner ran late. It wasn't a big deal we still got plenty of pictures. We also did a private dinner at the steakhouse which was really nice, if you have the extra money. Overall our experience was great, I wouldn't have wanted our wedding any other way. Just stay calm, everything is planned out for you. Enjoy your time there!

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