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OFFICIAL NOW Jade Wedding Thread

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#581 aarosenthall

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    Posted 08 September 2012 - 11:01 AM

    I had originally wanted to have my cocktail reception in the orange lounge as well, and I don't know the size of your wedding, but pilar said the area is bet for small weddings as there is not a lot of space there. Hope this helps!

    #582 marie122083

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      Posted 09 September 2012 - 05:23 PM

      My fiance and I are getting married Jan 14th...see ya there!!!

      #583 Butterflylola

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        Posted 10 September 2012 - 11:29 AM

        I'm getting Married on oct 4th 2012 !

        #584 Kal520

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          Posted 10 September 2012 - 12:20 PM

          So I need some help, I have my heart set on wearing a veil, was originally thinking an elbow length with thin lace trim to match my dress, but recently have been thinking I love the drama of a long simple waterfall veil...how do you think this would work? I am assuming it will blow around a bit but not sure how much. Anyone who got married on the pergola, how windy was it? I've seen pictures of brides on the beach with a long veil blowing in the wind which I love, but also worry that it will be blowing so much my hair will get messed up, it will be hitting people as I walk down the aisle, etc., which would be a nightmare! Let me know what you guys think?

          #585 Rgilberti

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            Posted 11 September 2012 - 11:55 AM

            Could you please email me this when you have a chance. I would really appreciate it! Raylynn33@comcast.net


            #586 chantal09

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              Posted 11 September 2012 - 02:52 PM

              Originally Posted by marie122083 

              My fiance and I are getting married Jan 14th...see ya there!!!

              We will totally be there at the same time!

              #587 Jackieindabox

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                Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:40 AM

                Hi there!  Do you by any chance have pictures of your fireworks as yet?  I did contact Maritza (thank you for the referral) and am really close to adding them in, but would love to see how they looked on your special day!



                #588 vlivins

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                  Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:05 AM

                  Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of the orange lounge they can share? We are having our cocktail reception there but I don't have any photos beyond the one in the resort package they provided. 

                  #589 GingaNinja

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                    Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:32 AM

                    Originally Posted by Tlseege 










                    This is the new OFFICIAL NOW Jade wedding thread!


                    Chat Live with NOW JADE wedding coordinator, Pilar March 24th !  Click HERE to sign up!


                    Here you will find the answer to almost all of your questions!  If you don't see the answer, feel free to ask, but please look through the information first.


                    Post #2 - Basic Information (Resort Info, Contact Info, Legal Requirements)

                    Post #3 - Wedding Packages

                    Post #4 - Additional Wedding Options & Costs

                    Post #5 - Wedding Locations

                    Post #6 - Dinner Locations, Options & Cost

                    Post #7 - DJ Options and Costs

                    Post #8 - Cake

                    Post #9 - Details (ceremony details, hacienda stuff, random questions and answers)

                    Post #10 - Flowers

                    Post #11 - Spa

                    Post #12 - Onsite Photographers

                    Post #13 - Wedding Reviews

                    Post #14 - Wedding Photos & Video Links

                    Post #15 - Resort Reviews

                    Post #16 - Bride Roll Call!  Shoot me a PM with your user name, wedding date, and dates you'll be at the resort (ie: tlseege, 4/11/2008, 4/7-4/14) and I'll add you to the list

                    Post #17 - Things I wish I would have known

                    Post #18 - Reserved for future use

                    Post #19 - Re served for future use


                    Again, if you have anything to add to this, please feel free to send me a PM or shoot me an email (Faberphotography@charter.net) and I will gladly update the thread.


                    The old NOW Jade Thread is still alive and active, but hopefully that thread will be more for brides to discuss their weddings and form a sense of community.




                    * edited to add attachment of NOW Jade Resort Pictures


                    ** Please note, the information in this thread and on BDW has not been verified and is not guaranteed.  The resort may change their wedding packages, pricing, details, etc. at any time without giving notice.  This information is just to be used as a guideline and not as a contract of what the resort or BDW guarantees.  When you are ready to book and sign a contract with the resort, you will need to rely on the information they have given you.


                    I'm pretty new to the site so of course I missed the webinar.  We are looking at Now Jade for 2014.  How can I view the PDF attachment?  It says I don't have permission..

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                    #590 marie122083

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                      Posted 12 September 2012 - 11:10 AM

                      awesome!  have you picked a photographer yet?  cant decide if we should spend the extra money to use someone outside the resort.  and then i look at these galleries online and now i cant decide...ugh. 

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