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OFFICIAL NOW Jade Wedding Thread

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Hi future jade brides,


We had our wedding on November 12, 2014 and it was absolutely perfect. I will be writing a more detailed review but for now I thought I'd share a few things on the forum. 


We had 20 guests with our ceremony at the Pergola. I brought some extra stuff like fans, chair sashes, Grass and seashell hangers, shadow box sand ceremony and bubbles. We used the guitarist for the ceremony. The setup was breathtaking. We choose the non religious ceremony and she was really amazing. So passionately delivered and truly nice ceremony about the meaning of love and involving our group was great.


We had cocktails at the Mixbar and it was a great location for everyone to be able to join in the photos and still have there drinks. I didnt do much for the cocktail hour except I did have some napkins. You can do as little or as much as you want for the cocktail hour and it is still very lovely. We did have some mosquitoes so its wise to have a bottle just in case


We had our dinner on the Terrace. I was worried it might be too hot but it was not at this time of year. The sun was down and there was a breeze off the water so the temperature was very pleasant. They did provide some mosquito spray at the reception but my that point there weren't many. We decided to keep the wedding simple and not do the traditional wedding reception.  We did however add a pinata for some Mexican culture which I am so happy we did. It was alot of fun. There was some very interesting traditional mexican candy.The Pinata was set up on the terrace right behind our table.  Another great idea for anyone wanting to add some culture into the wedding is having your flower girl bring down flower petals in a sombrero.  I used fan placecards, mini gumball machines with jellybellies in my colors. I did not order any linens and my table still looked amazing. I had everyone sitting at the same table which was nice and intimate.  I brought down some battery operated lights for my signing table and a cake topper, cake knife and server. 


My makeup and hair was very nicely done. I asked for a more natural look and it was great. Still showed up on pictures and nice in person. I used hair extensions and they did a great job putiing them in.


My pictures were done by the resort photo shop and I couldn't of been happier. We ended up buying 76 of them.


Any questions questions Id be glad to answer and send any photos. It doesn't matter if you go a more simpler route or fancy, it will be absolutely perfect. Happy planning!



I would love to see pictures of your table.  I've been debating on whether or not to bring down linens (my mom keeps saying "You're in Mexico, no one will care what the table looks like!) so I'd love to see a simpler set up :) My email is rachelsalyer1@@gmail.com :)

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Great review, SherriJK - wonderful to hear how well your Big Day went - Congrats!!! yes, pls share pics when you get the chance - would LUV to see them - including table pics from your reception.....cheers! team MTM :)


we agree with rachelia160's Mom - the tasty food and beverages ON the table are more important than what the table looks like.....mmm enjoy :)


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We got married on November 21. We did similar to @@SherriJK. I took chair sashes, fans, and flowers for the ceremony. Dark Purple and a minty/sage green. We had about 17 people. My mother in law brought little tea lights and napkins for the cocktail hour. I brought down some vases and table runners that I got super cheap here in the states. So cheap I actually gave it all to Carmen rather than pack it.


My table was beautiful and was very inexpensive for me. We did out ceremony at the pergola, cocktails at the mix, and reception at the pool. Apparently the pool is a really unpopular choice, but it was beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing.


I'll post picks when I get them back. Moments that Matter did my photographs and we're awesome to work with...


The food was wonderful. People raved about it the rest of the weekend. my hair and make up were awesome. Angela did it at the resort and I could not have been more pleased...I also used extensions and she used them perfectly.

Here is one of my hair and makeup. I asked my guests not to take pictures of my ceremony so I wouldn't end up with a bunch of photos of other ppl taking photos.

Here you can see my bouquet and the linens I brought as well as the vases and water beads to fill them.

I realize they're crappy cell phone pictures, but it's all I have right now. Pictures weren't on my mind!





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Has anyone had confirmation that you can extend a Castaways reception until 11?  I know some of the paperwork says you can only have your reception there until 10, but I thought I saw someone mention that they'll extend it if you ask.


I did, in fact, ask Pilar, and this was her response:


3)      Is the rule that you can only have the reception at Castaways until 10 pm still in effect, or could we extend the reception until 11 pm?

The reception cover  3 hour of service more the  3 hours will be and additional charge for $15 usd  per person plus tax plus service  we can finish until 11:00pm


It seems that the answer would be "yes," but I've found that Pilar tends to answer my questions by copy and pasting information that's already in the information packets I already have, so I'm still wondering if she read it closely enough to see that I mentioned Castaways...


I also asked about the fee for an outside photographer and this is what I got:


1)      I'm hiring an outsider photographer for our wedding,  We just pay the $65 for the day pass instead of the vendor fee, correct?

Note the vendor fee are $350 usd  for photographer and videdographer the vendor  fee are  $150 usd  per person 


I'm pushing back on this one and stating that the information I received when I booked stated $65 for a day pass for a photographer.  It seems like most brides in this situation were able to get the day pass fee, so I hope I do too!



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I had to pay the 150 vendor fee for my photographers. I tried for the 65, but they refused. Even though everything said 65. It wasn't worth the fight to me and I just wanted to be done with it so I paid it.

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They tried to tell me $150 for the photography fee, but I told them my paperwork all said $65. They said ok and only charged me the $65.

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Yah apparently they had sent me an email at one point that said 150. So they counted that.

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