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2013 Paradisus Palma Real

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Originally Posted by angelnjewels View Post


Good Morning ladies,


I just Learned that each wedding is allowed two event spaces and that the cocktail hour has to take place where the reception takes place... How are you ladies handling this? Which are your locations?huh.gif



We are looking at the wedding on the beach, cocktail hour at plaza colonial or Olympus terrace and reception at one of the Apollo rooms or Olympus terrace....



Were you ladies able to book the Apollo rooms one year in advance???



I don't think this is true. I am using three different locations. If you look at photos of other weddings on this thread--you will see three different venues. But, the folks in Miami change things up all of the time. Theresa, helped us pick our three locations.

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Thanks ladies!!! Yes, you were right they give you 3 spaces. We are thinking of having the beach wedding, plaza colonial and Olympus terrace... Can we get an LED floor for the Olympus terrace? Do you know if theere is a possibility to have a sit down dinner in this area? I am starting to have anxiety lol again... So much to think about!!! Does photo souvenier do videos??? What is the charge for that? Last question, We are looking for a travel agent in the NYC area that speaks spanish and english.... Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks gals have a wonderful day!

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Originally Posted by Katie83 View Post


Is anyone on here getting married in a Catholic church off site?? If so what church are you using and do you have any pictures of the inside of the church??


Also, If you are marrying off site how are you getting guest to the church?  If you are using a bus or limo what company did you go through??


Hey Katie- I wanted to go with Katya Nova but she will not be in DR on our date. She is amazing. Super sweet and she offers really good advice. Even though I was not her client she continued to email me with a few questions I had. I swooned over her site when I saw her work. It is exceptional. 


I am getting married in the church! It is called the Jesus Maestro Parish in Bavaro. I am told it is ten minutes from the resort. I looked into transportation suggested by PPR and it was $20 a person! CRAZY! So my fiance is Dominican- born and lived there for a few years before coming to the US and his mother goes every summer. She has a friend who owns a car dealership and he is allowing us to "borrow" at no cost two shuttle vans so we can usher our guests. Unfortunately, it was either that or taxi cabs because I think the $20 per person is ridiculous and I quite frankly cannot afford it.


Here are the only two pictures I have of the church, but Katya Nova has some on her website if you look at other peoples wedding albums:





I am a teacher and I have the exterior of the church as my desktop screensaver and my students think it is my vacation house. "Ms. is that your house?" they ask. When I tell them it's a church they do not believe me. Rumor around this HS is I am rich...if they only knew haha

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Originally Posted by DP1andDP2 View Post


I'm not reserving the bridal suite--I read on a few other reviews on this site that the $300 is better spent elsewhere (my planner agreed). We are staying on at a Reserve Master one bedroom and have champagne and food brought there for my wedding party. Also I don't feel like transporting my stuff all around--I just want to have everything in one place.


We are hiring Reno and Renaud at Photo Souvenir--they have shot some beautiful weddings at the Palma Real, their pics have a photojournalistic aesthetic and their equipment is pretty good.

HMMMMMMMM you're making me think now... I am sure it is not a necessary expense. I guess I shall wait and see what my budget will allow for. It just looked so nice in pictures haha

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Originally Posted by MissyBee View Post


Hi Ladies,

I am having an issue booking my Welcome Dinner-- we are going to be about 40-45 ppl..... Has anyone else had an issue with this?

Hi... I'm just curious... Are you planning on having a Welcome Dinner at one of the included rest. or are you planning of have a welcome cocktail party that you have to pay additionally per person for? What issues are you encountering? I'm asking because I would like to have dinner at one of the rest. b/c I refuse to pay even more money for food and drinks that's already included in the "all inclusive". When I asked I was told that reservations are made 2 weeks in advance.


Hopefully I can work it out... I'm expecting around the same amount of ppl as you. 

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