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Photographers and destinations to choose from

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Hi All!!

I am very brand new to this all. I am looking at playa del carmen and riviera maya. Is there a major difference between the two? Also I keep seeing vendors, how do we decide on photographers and it seems many of these places have one, are these photographers giving you more options than the resort? Are they worth the money? Depending on where I end up as a resort, many have a photographer, but can we cut that out of the package? Or maybe get the lesser package?? What have you all found to be the better deal? Thanks everyone!!

Cortney & Adam

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Hello Cortney!!

Playa del Carmen is a great option for your destination wedding.

Usually all the Riviera Maya photographers goes around all the zone. I live in Cancun for example, and I travel all the Riviera, it is 2 hours from beginning to end. The resorts photographers are a good option, but usually they work by the book. you might want hire an external to get the most of your photos. You can cut the resort photographer from the package, or if you don't have that option, leave them as a second view, but talk to them, you don't want them in your photos of the principal photographer.

good luck with the planning!!


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