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Newbie Bride and I already have questions :-)

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I'm a newbie to the board a very recently engaged.  We are targeting Feb 23, 2013 for our wedding which happens to be the one year anniversary of our engagement...seems perfect-o to me!  Ideally, we are looking at Cancun, Playa, or Cozumel for the perfect resort!


Some quick initial questions:


- From anyone who has been to the areas of Mexico recently for vacay, site visits, or even your big day...how did you feel 'safety' wise?  I've heard as long as you stay in your resort, no worries, but I've also had a few of my close people who know I'm targeting Mexico bring up the whole 'its not safe' thing. 

- Thoughts on using a TA vs negotiation with the hotel directly? 

- Any other brides planning a 'glam' destination wedding?  I'm definitely the kind of girl who likes a lot of sparkle, high heels, and some dramatic decor?


THANKS and looking forward to exchanging info with many of you!



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hey Hilee!!

congrats and welcome!!

I am very familiarized with the area.


1. the Mexico you heard about is in the North. Cancun and Riviera Maya is super-safe. or well, no more dangerous than going to another city in the rest of the world. the resort is more than super safe, would be super-super safe :) I am around all the time, and I never saw nothing unusual.. 


2. I have a friend, you can have a great deal with her!! http://www.yapanow.com/ her name is Edwina, she is a TA. I think that you would get a good deal in this way.


3. I cannot help you here, but I can tell you that glam wedding in the beach, looks great!! :)


good luck!

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