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PDC Wedding - Need help with Transportation ideas

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#1 KeldeGavy

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    Posted 09 March 2012 - 08:53 PM

    I have been reading this site for about 6 months and have found wonderful ideas. I appreciate everyone's feedback, it certainly makes planning from far away easier.


    Here is my dilema:

    We are getting married the 23rd of June and the reception will be at Kool Beach Club. Initially we wanted Nuestra Senora del Carmen church which is much closer to Kool, but unfortunately its not available at the time we would like it. So currently we are scheduled for the Chapel. 


    We basically have two options 1- Get married at the Church at 6:30 and arrive at Kool at 7:15pm or 2- Get married at the Chappel at 5pm and arrive at Kool at 6pm.


    I am concerned about various things... 1. sunglight- I want to make sure that the photographer gets enough photos in the daytime. If we wait until 6:30 for the church I fear we will not get enough. Historical data shows that the sun will set at 7:30 that week in June. 2. transportation- if we choose the chapel I feel like we would need to provide transportation for our guests because the Chapel is at least a mile from Kool. It might not sound like a lot, but walking distance in the sun and heals my guest are sure to feel it.


    So I would like some advice/recommendations/tips from anyone on this 'dilema'


    Thanks in advance!



    #2 JessiTaylor

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      Posted 11 March 2012 - 10:33 PM


      we had the daylight photos issues...and fiance and i have sacrificed the "big reveal" moment of me walking down the aisle so we can take an hour of photos before our sunset catholic ceremony at xcaret. id imagined that moment literally forever...but i dont want all of my photos in the dark so we dont have much option (ceremony can only be 6-6.45 and sunset in march is supposed to be around 6.55)


      are you sure arriving at 6 at kool is an option? when i sent an email last month i got this reply

       Our working hours every day are from 8:00 to 18:00 Hrs. so the schedule for a special event will be from 19:00 to 1:45 am from Monday to Saturday


      as i understood it arriving earlier wasnt an option, unless you have some kind of special arrangement?


      if possible i would arrive earlier then. the transportation is tricky...its not really far enough to be worth hiring transportation, but its far enough that they might be uncomfortable. maybe work out which guests are most likely to be in trouble (grandparents etc) and arrange something for them...or, how about as party favours/ OOT bags try to include flipflops/comfy shoes for the walk? then they could walk in comfy shoes for walk and party in their nice shoes? or invite them to bring a pair of their own.i have a similar issue...im not sure grand occidental hotel is close enough for a comfortable walk for guests but not worth transportation (high prices for a mini journey). i need to look into it =S


      good luck!! xx

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