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Hi all!!!

I'm brand new to this website/forum and I need help. Here's my story: cheesy.gif


We're getting married on May 3, 2012 on Akumal Beach (mid-afternoon) followed my reception at the Portofino Restaurant. There are approx. 30 of us, guest list is still growing. I'm 50 days from departure and so far all that is planned is the ceremony location/time and reception location/time. I am still waiting on details on the private event after reception. Can someone advise me of this info, if  you have it? My wedding coordinator is Maria Hernandez, she is nice however often I need to wait 2-3 weeks in between emails. This is not ideal, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and like to be organized, but who wouldn't for their wedding day right? Maria sent me a catalogue for bouquets but I'm not a fan of the flowers. I've sent her samples of what I like and I'm waiting response. So far I know peonies bouquet cannot be accommodated by the florist. Anyone have ideas on an all white bouquet, round setting? Luckily for my own sister will be my official photographer but my understanding someone from Arrecife will also be there to photography since my wedding package includes 10 photos. Has anyone use their videographer? The pricing seems outrageous! Obviously I would like the whole day videographer, but they gave me a price of $15,600mxn!!! Any suggestions? I feel like I have all the major items planned, however I don't want to miss on details. Brides future and former, please give me your wisdom. cheesy.gif

I've never ever been to Mexico before and I'm extremely allergic to mosquito bites. Like I swell instantly without me even touching or scratching them. I feel like I've tried every kind of ointment out there including several home remedies. Can anyone tell if how the mosquitoes are that time of year and if anyone has any suggestions on remedies for prevention? I and the rest of my family would greatly appreciate it.

I think that is everything for now. I feel like I have more questions but don't want to make this post too long...

Thank you in advance!!!!

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