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5 hardest pounds to lose!

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Hi! I am getting married in 4 months and I just need to lose 5 more pounds! It's so hard!  I've done it a couple years ago and had the desire and motivation because I was running my first half marathon and was all into being healthy and being ready for the race. But I'm getting married and you'd think that'd be a HUGE motivator! It is, but I just can't seem to stick to a great meal plan and stay strong. I think the biggest problem is my sweet teeth.. i can't stop eating desserts!


My food plan:

I am vegetarian and eat pretty good during the week. But weekends are AWFUL! plus the little pieces of candy everyday. I feel like by the end of the week I am doing so good and by Monday I am starting all over again. 


My exercise plan has been good since January:

Insanity 5 days

kickboxing 1 day

Bikram yoga 1 day

I will get back into running once spring actually hits and maybe do some P90x to really tone things up.  


But I need help losing these 5 extra pounds! Any advice from those of you in this situation?? How do I curb my sugar cravings and control myself on the weekends???


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Believe me when I say this, you are not alone!! I have been in the same boat as you! 

I work my ass off in terms to working out! I do HIIT cardio(usually form of running) in the mornings then P90x at night. I just started my 2nd month this week. Before that I was doing Insanity & Brazilan butt lift. I am not over weight(which you dont look or sound like either) so when you need to lose 5 pounds its hard as $hit!!!!

During the week I eat great. Every 3 hours, mostly protein. Weekends come and I DRINK(big drinkers) and the eating is bad but I still try to watch but its very hard. Then like you said, Mondays felt like I was starting over.


BUT the last couple of weekends I sort of kicked myself in the ass. Me and FI are now on track and are trying to help each other & really really trying to be good.

I think its also easier because I have less than 2 months. I was always saying to myself, oh I still have time. 3 months....easy.  But now I know we leave on April 29th & I will be in a bikini with family and friends, its really motivating me. I will honestly put my bikini on in the house & look in the mirror(almost cry!) and say not much time left! haha Not sure this is healthy for you but believe me time is flying by and I have to do all I can NOW! On the weekends we still go out and drink but I havent been having as much. The key is(to me) its all about how much and portion size, moderation. If we go somewhere and there are fries or whatever(in your case candy) then have a couple and that's it. One or 2 and be done. We went out for wings last weekend & I ate all the celery first then only had 3 wings...I figured 3 is okay and I mostly had celery. Its very hard but you can do it! Just stop eating the candy!! lol Most important thing for you is to get rid of the candy at your house! I think if its not there, you cant eat it! Chew gum or suck on a mint or something! You can do it and I think it will get easier as it gets closer too.



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My FI watches UFC which promotes Muscle Pharm. I following them on Facebook and they post great workouts. So far these are the ones I rotate doing. 

Here are 3 that I do. They all kick yous a$$! lol It also helped motivate me because I was excited to try these, until I got 3 minutes into each LOL!


  Treadmill Super-set:  Walk 5 minutes at 3.5-4.0 at 10-15% incline for 5 minutes (not holding on) Run 5 minutes at 5.0-8.0 at 0% incline for 5 minutes  Alternate for 30 - 60 minutes     Run 5 minutes at 0% incline on the treadmill then add 1% incline per minute up to 10-15% incline. Then decrease 1% incline per minute all the way back to 0%. Next: Superset 5 minutes bike 5 minutes elliptical 2-3 sets     Warning be careful on the Treadmill: Sprint intervals: Sprint for 15 seconds on then rest 15 seconds and jump off the belt.  Alternate that for 12-20 minutes total The treadmill speed should be a max sprint Then 1 set of 10 minutes walking lunges continuous





Originally Posted by Krs398 View Post

Glad to hear I'm not the only one! Thanks for the support! What kind of HIIT workouts do you do?


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