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Acireta's OOT Bags - Tons of Pictures & Templates

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Thanks, ladies! BDW has done so much for me in my wedding planning. I hope that my templates can be a very tiny way to give back to this site for all it does for destination brides (not that my files are that great, but I hope they can help some folks). If you don't have enough posts, please become a supporter of BDW! It's the best $30 you'll spend on your wedding, I promise!!




Thanks, Annie, my fellow cruise bride :-) The embarkation wedding and not knowing your venue is frustrating, I know! The pez, shotglasses and guitar picks are all nods to my FI's favorite things. The mustang soaps are because of how we met (at a car show) and our love of Mustangs.


You couldn't pay me enough to tear these apart and redo them at this point, so I totally know how he feels! :-)


Originally Posted by DramaticAnnie View Post

WOW! I'm soo impressed! And you're a Carnival Bride too! I'm getting married on the Carnival Dream on April 28th, and I've been on the Liberty - I got engaged on it in 2010! Eeeek :D


I love everything.. I love your bag, I wish I had spotted that one, I have a similar one but its' got navy trim, and I wanted something more closer to turquoise, oh well. I am uber impressed and so envious of your welcome packets with the timeline and everything in them, wow! I am getting married on embarkation day so they told us we won't even know what time we're getting married until 2 weeks before the wedding date.


I have put most of my stuff in a 'wedding week survival kit' but I really like how you broke yours up into three little kits.. especially the fun stuff like star wars pez, my fiance would love that. But he would hate it if I broke up all of our survival kits now as we spent a lot of time packing them up.. lol.


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WOW! I love your bags! Love the "share your photos" card idea and everything you included in the bags. Thanks for the price breakdown and all the templates. Your guests are going to LOVE the bags!

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Yes ma'am, dollar store ziplocs!


The larger bags (Live, Laugh, Love kit) were large treat bags from Michaels that I bought from a BDW bride. The pez dispensers were annoyingly tall :-)

Originally Posted by allycat3630 View Post

what bags did you use for all the goodies?  Ziploc bags?


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this is really nice!  Thanks for sharing, it gives me a lot of ideas!

Originally Posted by acireta View Post

I put in a bunch of extras for our parents and bridesmaids.


For my mom and stepdad, MOB hat and totebag and Team Bride shirt for my stepdad (Vistaprint)




For Alâ€s mom, Mother of the Groom shirt and Carnival Liberty totebag (Vistaprint)




Extras for my bridesmaids:

  • Bridesmaids shirts with nicknames on the back (Target, Michaels)


  • Flip-flops for wedding day (Old Navy)
  • Bridesmaids cosmetics bags (Michaels)
  • Monogrammed jewelry rolls (Davidâ€s Bridal)

jewelry pouch outer.jpg

  • Notebooks and monogrammed post-it notes


Bridesmaids' stuff all together:

bridesmaids packages.JPG



Finally ready to start packing the bags!




The Total Package 




Templates and pricing coming up!


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I love the wedding vow OOT themed bags...I def want to "borrow" that idea.  Did you order postcards form Vistaprint for the bags?  If so what size did you get?  Also where did you get your clear bags?  They seem to fit the postcards perfectly!

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