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Disappointment Bride -- RIU Palace (Cabo)

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#1 Jen Avila

Jen Avila
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    Posted 02 March 2012 - 12:18 PM

    My wedding is scheduled for June 30th 2012 at 6pm at the RIU Palace - Cabo. I've been trying to reach the hotel to get information on my wedding but I never get a response. I reached out to my wedding coordinator Sakura Ono as well as the general email for weddings at mice@riu.com. My original email went out on January 17th 2012 which never received a response. I've followed up 6 times and have heard NOTHING back. I’ve called several times and have not heard a peep. For all I know, my wedding date may not even be happening!!!! I need confirmation or someone to ease a very worried, upset and disappointed bride before I go into full on bridezilla mode. I am very disappointed at the level of customer service I’ve received. I should not be ignored especially given the amount of money we are about to spend at the hotel for our special day with over 60 confirmed guests.

    I understand most planning is not done/coordinated with the bride until 2 months out from date but there are some basic questions that need answers, especially when it comes to budgeting. I have no idea what my options are such as wedding cake, location on site for ceremony and receptions, can we have a DJ, mariachi, flowers, decorations, food. I want to arrange a welcome party the day before – is that even possible? These are things I would like to know and plan and prepare my guest with. I feel like I’m completely in the dark and its starting to freak me out. As a planner I need to know what type of costs we need to prepare for as we have a budget we'd like to stick with. I feel like I’m going into my wedding day blind which is disappointing because I wish I knew what to expect. Planning a wedding virtually and not seeing, meeting, planning or talking to anyone about anything makes me feel unimportant and unprepared. I have over 60 guests confirmed (more that will be confirming this month) at the hotel and a lot of questions being asked by my guest that I am not able to answer and I feel silly. Shouldn't I know or have some sort of idea what my bouquet will look like or what the flavor of my cake will be or how about the songs we want to hear at our wedding...I have NO idea how this is arranged. I have a vision of what i want my wedding to look like at the reception and I have NO clue if i can have that. I understand, I may not be able to get everything I want on my wish list through the hotel therefore i need to know what my options are so I can start planning, ordering supplies and coordinating anything that the hotel cant accommodate regarding decorations (i.e. center pieces, candles, etc).

    1. can you tell me what flowers are in season so I can start thinking
    about my options.
    1a. I would like to start thinking about my table flowers, bridesmaid
    bouquet, groomsmen flowers, etc.
    2. Are there wedding cake options i get to pick from? What flavor do I get?
    3. We will want a DJ for our wedding. Can we send him a list of our songs?
    4. During our ceremony, we would like to arrange music to be play for
    when the bridesmaids and bride walk down the aisle and when the bride
    and groom finish their vows. Is this possible?


    #2 mishele81

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      Posted 09 March 2012 - 06:23 AM



      If your wedding is scheduled , did you not coordinate this with Sakura and get your confirimation number?

      If you have your confirmation number, there is no need to worry. Check the Riu Weddings website and look at the calender to see if your day/time is blocked off.

      With regards to the questions you are worried about, that is the kind of stuff they will discuss with you closer to your wedding date. They are busy with the brides who are getting married right now. I went through the same thing, but once your 2 months arrives, they are very good , even if you email them 10 days a day , they will get back to you.  I would suggest constantly writing down all your questions so that when the time comes, you can have all your answers at the same time. With regards to the flowers, my wedding is about a month away and I have been in contact with the florist in the last 48 hours and all of my floral arrangemtns and evertyhing I want for flowers is completely taken care of.

      Don't worry,

      But I would also be upset that they have not responded, make sure you have the correct email addresses.





      Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas - April 17, 2012 - 52 booked

      #3 miwakostory

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        Posted 01 April 2012 - 10:25 PM



        I have basic information I can e-mail you if you like, I am getting married in 11 days at Riu Palace so I may have most of the answers you are looking for.

        I had a different WC but she is no longer there. I am now dealing with Jatziri and she has provided poor customer service. However, the florist has been so wonderful to work with. 



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