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Fresh water pearl, drop, dangling earrings!

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Hi gorgeous brides to be! I am selling 2 different sets of earrings. They are very similar because they both had the qualities I was looking for. Both are fresh water pearl, dangling earrings. My dress was ivory, the earrings matched perfect, but I never got a chance to wear either because I bought yet another set. Third time's the charm, right? I can sell you both for $50 includes shipping, or just one set for less than $50. They are attached to a sterling silver base, so one is a bit tarnished but can easily be cleaned to get the silver luster back. The other is not tarnished at all. Don't miss out! I had a local jewelry designer here in NYC create these for me, so they are one of a kind. Good luck with planning and enjoy every minute! Check out my other posts about more goodies I am selling! Enjoy and thank you!

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