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DIY Centerpiece cupcake bath fizzies and lotion bars. Lots of pics!! Yes or no?

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I was watching a youtube and found a great idea from skinMe. I'm thinking about bringing these mini cupcake bath fizzies and lotion bars with us a centerpieces.  What do you guys think?


I started out microwaving cocoa butter I bought from Coastalscents.com until they became a liquid form

photo (2).JPG

I mixed it with grape seed oil (coastal scent), coconut milk powder (bulkfoods.com), and neon powder colorant (wholesalesupplies.com)


photo (3).JPG


I wanted a purple color but mixing berry dye with cocoa butter seem to turn the lotion bars into a greenish color

photo (4).JPG


Here's how they looked after they hardened

photo (5).JPG



photo (6).JPG


I used meringue powder (Michaels), powdered sugar, water, and colorant to make the rock hard icing. 

photo (7).JPG


I bought a chinese take out box from Michaels and stuffed it with tissue paper and viola..... my centerpiece.

photo (7).JPG




I'm also making bath fizzies either in cupcake form or cookie cutter shape. I used corn starch, citric acid (bulkfoods.com), oatmeal, grape seed oil, olive oil, epsom salt and sprayed it with witch hazel. 

photo (8).JPG


Let me know what you all think... :)



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