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hell i think i might be sleepwalking again =S

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#1 JessiTaylor

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    Posted 22 February 2012 - 09:08 PM

    ok.... so i stayed in a resort for one night as part of my site vsit. i loved the fact it had a jacuzzi in the room! but it seemed that the jacuzzi didnt have a hole for excess water. so if you fill it too much, then it will go on the floor and makes everything wet


     so i went to bed around 11pm. and i turned the jacuzzi off im sure of it. and then i had a bad dream and i woke up at 4am...and i heard the jacuzzi running and it was only half full. but i let the plug open when i got out to go to sleep...so the water should have drained away. and the plug was closed and the water level half full. i know i sound insane .... but if i had left it for 5 hours since i went to sleep then water should be on the floor!!! im sure i didnt leave it on and forget it!


     it sounds more crazy when i write it down. but i emptied it before i went to sleep i know it...as i was sitting in the water while it emptied/... but there is no way that if i had forgotten it that the room would be ok, because as i said...it has no hole for excess water. oh i sound mad i know/


    ive been known to sleepwalk before... generally i tend to rearrange furniture (lining chairs up in rows, i dont know why) but its been a while since i did that last. guess its that or a ghost! i was alone in the resort as my fiance had to fly to mexico city for a meeting the day before i left...so i guess ill never know


    but this stresses me!


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    Posted 23 February 2012 - 04:41 AM

    i bet its wedding planning stress that brought it back up! especially if its been a long while since it happened before.


    sounds like you need a spa day girl! the kind with no spa tub haha ;)

    #3 JessiTaylor

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      Posted 23 February 2012 - 11:45 AM


      the worst is id only turned on the hot tap and it was absolutely scalding hot...had to wait ages before i could reach down and take out the plug. imagine if i had got in =S


      i think i do need to relax a bit more, planning a wedding is supposed to be fun and ive just got really overwhelmed by it all

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