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Hair Extenstions

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I have the tape-in hair extentsions and have for three years - totally recommend them for your wedding. I get mine redone every 8-10 weeks, and they are super natural. They're real hair, they don't damage my hair (like I said, they're "tape in," but they stay in until removed by your stylist). You can swim, wash, brush and style them just like your normal hair. They're also a lot more affordable that you think. For me, the hair itself is about $150 through my salon, plus the time it takes to have them put in (about 45 minutes). I know a bunch of girls who have them put in for their weddings and all have loved them. I can't speak for the clip in kind (although I have a friend who has the real hair clip ins and likes) but the semi-permanent ones are great because you don't have to mess with them!

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