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Need help deciding on a venue: Villa Caletas, Nhia del Sol, Cala Luna, Bosque del Mar

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Hi, we are planning a wedding this November with approximately 20 people.


Originally we wanted to do it in Montezuma because we absolutely adore that place but after some thought we decided to look into other options to make it easier for our guests to get to. Right now the hardest part is deciding on the venue.


If anyone has done or been to a wedding to any of these resorts, I'd love some feedback please.


Villa Caletas is in Jaco and only 1 hour from the airport and also only 1 hour by boat from Montezuma but we really don't like the town Jaco itself and think it doesn't represent Costa Rica well and is very touristy.


All the other 3 options are close to Liberia, which would require us all to fly there versus SJO, which will bring the flight price up. They also seem to be in touristy areas.


Cala Luna is newly renovated and looks great, but the prices are really high.


We want to offer our guests also options to stay elsewhere nearby so they are not obligated to pay ridiculous prices for lodging at the ceremony venue. Knowing it's doable to stay in a nice hotel for around $70 a night, we would like some options in this price range for our guests. Ideally we would stay in a wedding location about 3 days and then go elsewhere.


I would greatly appreciate any feedback and/or recommendations, as well as possible vendors such as: wedding planner, photographer, flowers, cake, music. Thank you in advance!

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