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Maid of Honor Drama***Long Vent***

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#1 LonaJ

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    Posted 19 February 2012 - 02:17 PM

    So some how my maid of honor has the perception that this wedding is all about her!   So pretty much a lot of the drama started when I created a FB group for the wedding party since every one is so spread out. I thought it would be a great way for everyone to become acquainted with one another and asked everyone to right a brief introduction about themselves. So my BFF/MOH made her introduction and it was and a day later one of my friends from work who is a bridesmaid made her introduction, which was really simple she simply said her name how she knows me and she is looking forward to meeting everyone. Now some how my MOH took this as my bridesmaid trying to throw a shot at her or one up her...I first thought she was joking about it until yesterday. So yesterday I went to try on dresses, which I had made the appointment for  2 weeks ago and made everyone aware of the time and date. That left plenty of time for her to find a babysitter and make sure she could make the appointment. So a couple of days before, she tells me that she doesn't have a babysitter(her kids are 3,2,and 6 months old) this annoyed me a little bit but I said ok that's fine. So the night before the appointment I called her like 6 times to give her the information and she never answered the phone, when she finally did call me back I was asleep but I still answered the call and I told her that she can meet us at the place @ 2:30 and that I will e-mail her the address in the morning before I leave to got to bootcamp. She told me to just call her in the morning when I wake up. Again I called her in the morning when I woke up and she didn't answer the phone, I even called her 3 times before I finally left. I told my mom to call my MOH since I wasn't able to get a hold her to ask her if she could get a ride with her to the Bridal Salon. When I finally got a chance to call her which was around 1pm she said my mom told her the appointment was at 5:30 and that she had already started cooking a pot of Chili, Really? I said ok but I already told you the appointment was at 2:30 several times you even tried to schedule an appointment at another dress shop for you two to try on bridesmaids dresses to work around the time of my appointment just a few days ago. Then she went back to my mom giving her the wrong time. I told her don't worry about it it's fine me Denise (BM) are still going to go. So I called her after the appointment and told her I got the dress which she wasn't too happy about because she wasn't there. Then later in the conversation she said tell Denise I have a bone to pick with her, I thought she was joking so I relayed the message to Denise and she just said with me, why? Then she asked to speak to Sid so I handed her  the phone, I couldn't hear what Sid(MOH) was saying but Denise (BM) kept an even tone and didn't say anything out of line. When she gave me the phone back my MOH was upset saying that I'm taking Denises side and that she felt like our friendship was in trouble. Then she started crying and I couldn't tell if she was pretend crying or if she was really crying and I told her she was reading into things too much and nobody is taking shots at her. I told her that it's not Denise's fault that she didn't make it and that she should have answered her phone when I called her in the morning. I even asked my mom what time she told MOH the appointment was and my mom said 2:30. I told her I would call her when I got home. She hasn't answered her phone since yesterday! I feel like she is creating unnecessary drama when all Denise has simply done is fulfill her bridesmaid duties where Sid has not fulfilled all of hers.

    #2 AllieH

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    Posted 26 February 2012 - 05:20 PM

    oh mercy. your MOH has some serious issues. one is needing to be the center of attention. and since it's YOUR wedding...that's a bad sign. 


    I think it's time to have a serious talk with her before it escalates further. if she can't dial down the drama...she's going to make the time leading up to your wedding full of stress. and as MOH? her job is to reduce your stress, not add to it. 


    sorry you're dealing with this.


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