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Lots of Wedding Supplies!!

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I originally planned my wedding for June 2012 in Mexico.  After putting a lot of thought and work into the wedding, we decided to push it back a year.  My colors were coral, black, and grey.  I have message in a bottle invitations, tulle and ribbon, Adirondack chair cake toppers, out of town bags, favor cups, straw fans, and hangover kit containers for sale.


Message in a bottle invitations-

156 Bottles- 5 oz., 6.69†tall, 1.81†diameter

156 Corks

I measured and poured a little less than half an inch of sand in each bottle.  The sand is coconut scented.

I also have a spool of raffia that can be tied around the bottles for decoration.

156 White mailing boxes- 7.75†x 2.25†x 2.25â€

I shredded aqua and ivory paper to fill the boxes for shipping.

I also have approximately 150 finger starfish that measure 1-2† I had planned on tying a starfish to each bottle before shipping.

I would like $135 for all invitation supplies.  I paid well over $350.


Tulle and ribbon-

Brand new spools of tulle and ribbon!  The tulle is coral and 6" wide and 25 yards long.  It would be great tied to chairs during an outdoor ceremony.  The ribbon is 1 spool of black and 1 spool of coral.  It measures 5/8" by 100 yards.

Tulle is $1.00 per roll.  Ribbon is $5.00 per roll.  I originally paid $25.00.


Cake Topper-

I bought two white Adriondack chairs to use as cake toppers.  They are approximately 4 inches tall.  I also have 2†x 18†fence to be used as cake decoration.

I paid $25.  I will accept $15.


Straw Fans-

I have 50 hand-woven straw fans that I planned to use as program holders.  They are approximately 9†– 13†wide.  They vary slightly in size and color because each fan is hand-woven from natural materials.

I paid $75.  I will sell for $40.


Out of town supplies-

I have really nice bags that I bought to use as out of town bags for our guests.  They are made of thick canvas material and have sturdy straps and an outside pocket.  The bags measure 16.5†tall x 13.25†wide x 5.25†deep.  They have clear tags attached to them for customization.

I paid $250 dollars for the bags.  I am willing to sell them for $95.

I also have 48 hinged metal containers that I planned on using as hangover kits.  They are 4.25†x 3.1†x 1â€.  They will fit individual packs of gum, aspirin, antacids, and bandages.

I paid $50 for the containers.  I will accept $30.

I also purchased 50 plastic insulated tumbler cups.  They have straws and will hold 16 oz. of fluids.  They measure 6 1/4" tall x 4" at the top and 2 1/2" at the base.

I paid $225.  I will take $100 for all 50.


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K - If you will sell me 26 of the tumblers, I will purchase the other 40 of these fans...


Originally Posted by AKBP View Post

Would you be willing to sell 10 of the raffia fans for $8?  Thanks!


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Hi! I am also doing message in a bottle invites, but I have most of my materials already. I was wondering, though, if you would be willing to sell just the boxes and the starfish for them. If so, how much would those items be?

I may also be interested in the coral ribbon and tulle, depending on prices.

Please let me know, and, if so, what the shipping would be to southern Alberta, Canada.

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