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Questions about Palace pool and more

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Hey Ladies, 


   I'm new to this site. My fiance and I have booked our wedding for October 6, 2012. I unfortunately wasn't left with a lot of options to have our reception. We ended up picking the Palace pool area. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures to look at or had seen an reception take place there while they were at the Palace. I'm concerned about the weather seeing that its outside and we will be in rainy season (but that's a risk I just have to take) We REALLY wanted to have our reception in an open aired restaurant but that option wasn't given to us. We have invited 200 people and already have a for sure 50. Does anyone know how many people you need to have attend in order for them to bump you up to the Coral Grill?  Also, I just want to make sure I'm up to speed all that my WC has booked with me is our locations for reception, ceremony, cocktail hour....Just scanning this site I have noticed that some people that are getting married after me are already choosing what type of musician they want to play at their ceremony. Are we behind? I'm not liking what I am hearing about the on site photographers....does anyone have any suggestions for photographers that won't break the bank? Lastly (for now) has anyone used the resort D.J. if not does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry I have so many questions I'm just so anxious to know everything and it takes a little bit of time to hear back from our WC. 


Congrats to you all!



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