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My Wedding in Jamaica @ Sunset Beach Resort(Vendors too)

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My Wedding was great...I couldn't ask for more...Natalie was great with my plans...Lets start of with arriving...I got married at Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I had a group booking with all my guest that decide to stay on property. I had 150 guest locally and from aboard....They had our names up with for our group




We got settled in and started our wedding weekend. The night before the wedding we had a rehersal and then a rehersal dinner..I had some off property guest so i had to pay a nominal fee for those who didn't stay on property.Next was the day of the wedding..I got my hair and make up done by Makeup artistry by Rashel Edwards Team...Great Team!!!!! On facebook look for Chasity Artistry Rashel Edwards. Here a pic of some of my bridesmaid hair


gsc-17.jpgSome of them have makeup. So now its my turn.I will post a pic of before n after:
Now During:
Final Product with Dress on:
Ok So it time to make my way down to get married..Before i produced pics for that i will tell you that none of my decoration was provide by the hotel...I am very picky with what i want and natalie made sure to pay attention to details.My decoration was done by a third party and i did not pay vendors fee...The decoration for my drapping was done by a guy who did jahcure's wedding.. also my chairs were rented because i love those chairs..Aisle runner was personalized from the US and shipped. Flowers done on the outside as well. Basically Natalie got everything for me on the outside, and being that my wedding was on a larger scale it worked out for me big time:









ok so that was the cermony site..I also had coxtail hour, not much pics but i have. For reception there was drapping on the terrace:

Snapshot background.jpg



ok so that some of the pics for rehersal, as i said before everything was brought in except the tables..Now for the cake. It was not done by the hotel it was done by Leanne Cooke:



All and all everything was great. NAtalie could not have done any better and it was a New Year Eve wedding...My wedding was televised by the jamaican station, That to show you how well Natalie worked..Last but not least is my Photographer he was great i will post my final pics of some of his work. His website is Weddinggigglesja.com. Gary is his name:






Ok so thats it, any questions please feel free to ask??? 



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