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CANADIAN BRIDES.. Free coupons for free products

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PM me if intrested in any of these items for your OTT bags 


I have muliples of these coupons to get you these products free or almost free.


Charmin Toilet Seat covers - nice to have for some of the washrooms ive been in on vacation

These are $1.00 at Walmart, Shoppers & RCSS..  the coupons are for $1.00 off


Charmin Toilet Paper roll - again nice to have JUST IN CASE

These are $1.19 at Walmart, Shoppers & RCSS..  The coupons are for $1.00 off


Tide sink packets

These are $1.49 at Shoppers & RCSS and $2.00 at walmart..  The coupons are for Save $4.00 wub 3



These are $1.49 at Walmart for the "to go size"  These I usually find at the checkout line or in with the air freshners

The coupons are for save $4.00 wub 3.



I have


5 x fabreeze coupons

10 x  $4.00 off wub 3 Tide  ( you can use this coupon for Charmin as well.)

35 x $1.00 Charmin



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