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And he was worried I'd say no!

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How we Met


I was on a blind date that was horrible and cut it short to get out of there. I managed to convince the date to give me a ride to my local billard/lounge, which is a common hang out. Once I got there I met up with my best friend who was there with her boyfriend and all of his friends. They had been dating for about 2 years and I had met most of his friends. I was sitting at a table enjoying a drink and watching a game of pool when my future FI came over and struck up a conversation with me. He was charming and we had great conversation. He actually even listened to what I was saying and later in the night put on a few favourite songs I had mentioned on the jukebox. That really impressed me. As the night went one the party moved to someones house where Mike had become increasingly intoxicated. It was quite amusing as I could tell he had a thing for me and kept trying to get my attention. At the end of the night we went our separate ways and I really thought nothing of it.


A few days later I received a call from him, apparently my best friends boyfriend gave him my number and advised him to apologize for his behaviour that night. He asked me out on a formal date, which I only agreed to go on because I remembered how nice he was before he got drunk.


It took a few dates before we developed any real feelings for each other, because we both thought we were uninterested. Him thinking I was only going out with him only out of sympathy, and me thinking that he was not looking for anything serious and just a friend.


Fast Forward


Eventually we became an official item on February 14 and were inseperable! In 2010 we bought a house together, and he let me pick it out! We rescued a dog, named him Archie, and were pretty happy.


The Proposal


I work graveyard shifts and Mike is usually gone for work before I get home in the morning. I was greeted by a dozen red roses and chocolates !


engaged morning.jpg


I thought that this was just a regular Valentines gift and was happy but not yet suspicious. I went to school and during lunch I was suprised by an Elvis singing telegram, he sang me love songs, gave me a huge white teddy bear, balloon, and candies !




At this point I knew that it wasn't just a regular Valentines day but didn't want to hope, because then I would have been disappointed. Mike said he was going to take me out for dinner that evening and to dress up nice. I got ready and I could tell he was nervous, catching him take a few shots in the kitchen. When we left the house there was a white stretch limo waiting to take us to our destination. Halfway through the ride he told me to close my eyes because he wanted it to be a suprise. When we arrived I realized that we were at the fanciest restuarant in city, 529 Wellington. Dinner was great, good wine and good food. However he did not propose to me so I became a little disappointed as we left to head home. When we got home I was suprised to see that there were candles set up and flowers everywhere in our bedroom !!


engagementflowes2.jpg  engagement flowers.jpg






I was shocked and he asked if I wanted desert, he got down and opened a box from our favourite cake shop, an oreo cheesecake. And on it said....




I looked at him in shock and he asked if I would marry him. I was in such disbelief that all I could say was, "no way" and "your joking" as I punched him in the arm a couple of times lol. I finally composed myself enough to say yes!


We each called our family and told them the good news. Once we were done that's when he told me that the ring was only cubic zirconia and I had the joy of picking out my own ring !


The bliss lasted for days


photos 088.JPG This is the ring I eventually decided on!

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Congrats, what a beautiful story!

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ive been with my FI 5 years. at the time of proposal 4. and he was a total wreck the day of the proposal...even tho he knew it was a sure thing

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