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AI Hotel Choice - Riu Negril, Beaches Negril, or Iberostar Rose Hall Suites - Help!

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So I'm having a really hard time deciding between a few hotels in Jamaica.  There are some pro's and con's for each of them and I just can't decide.  If any of you have input on any of them or even have been to a few of them to help compare it would be great.

  • Beaches Negril - I'm worried its more for children.  We don't have anything against children being around, but we also don't want to feel like we are in a playground or that we feel guilty being drunk and partying in a play park:).  I'm also worried that the wedding package will end up getting really expensive here???
  • Riu Negril - can you do a private reception?  And does anyone know if you could pick your own location for the wedding.  We don't really want a beach wedding and also don't want to get married in a gazebo.  We were hoping for a tree background.  Also, the rooms here look somewhat dated, can anyone comment on that?  And nightlife - is there a lot happening after say 10pm?
  • Iberostar - The only thing I'm worried about here is the beach.  If we are going all the way to Jamaica for the beach why would we stay in Montego Bay rather than head to one of the nicest beaches in the world (Negril 7 mile)?  The hotel however looks amazing.  Also, what is the nightlife like here?


I know these are a lot of questions, I just keep going in circles on which place to book.


We will be having approx. 50 people coming to the wedding with only my 6&4 year old niece and nephew as children. Our group of people coming really enjoy partying (day and night) and want an upbeat resort with lots of activities. We don't want everything to shut down at 10pm and are worried this might happen at Beaches. I know the group you are with makes the fun, but if there is nowhere to have the fun then what happens?


Any input will be very helpful!!!!





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Hi Shauna,


I just read your post and was wondering what you decided and if you went already?  I had the exact same question but I am looking for the best spot, beaches, snorkling for two 12 year old boys.... Curious to what you would suggest, thanks for any info you can give me.

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