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Newbie to marry in Riviera Maya! May 2013

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i seem to be following marilili posting everywhere hahaha


Welcome to the site!! It will really help you choose where to have your wedding. few hints to start you off, you have these general options (so can look up their names):


All inclusive hotels - stay there and have the wedding. most threads are on these! dreams seems a super popular option.

issues to look for - are outside vendors allowed? if you have non-hotel guests attending wedding there...how easy is that (guest passes, extra costs etc) do  you want adults only or family friendly resort (will children be attending)


for non hotel wedding and/or reception:

            beach clubs - wickys, kool club, blue venado,  fusion, zenzi, canibal royal

            completely private location - Isla de la pasion (have to get there by boat), Xcaret - eco park


General issues - if there are backup options if it rains (if you want a beach wedding), how private it is etc

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Thank you very much for the information. I had already contacted a few hotels/resorts before finding this site and quickly found out that all the resorts and hotels had many rules that I didn't want to really deal with.


I really wanted to find a place where I could have a wedding reception into the night on the beach without being given a time restriction and the necessity of using day passes for guests not staying at the same hotel.


I had not thought about the beach clubs along the beach, but I did think about private villas, so I went ahead and booked 2 villas side by side on Soliman Bay in the Riviera Maya for a week each. I figured between both villas, my guests could stay there, we could be together, and have my wedding there all for the same price.


I, too, feel that I keep following the same people on the boards... haha. I saw a posting of yours online asking about bridal shops in Houston. I happen to be from Houston and could suggest you to go to Ventura's bridal. I have not went dress shopping as of yet, but countless brides have recommended that place to me, so it will definitely be the place I go to first. Ventura's apparently has many designers there under one roof and its a one stop shop. I'm not sure where you are traveling from, but I would highly suggest for you to make an appointment with them when you are willing to go to their store so that they'll be expecting you. 

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Congratulations and welcome to the forums! The Mayan Riviera is a wonderful place for a wedding. The area has so much to offer you... you will love it here!

Let me know if you have questions about any of the resorts from Cancun, Playa del Carmen to Tulum! I capture weddings here full time and have been to a lot of the popular resorts in the area.

Best of luck!



Mayan Riviera Wedding Pics

Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda 1.jpg


Barcelo 1.jpg


Barcelo 3.jpg

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Hi All! & Congrats!!


I'm a newbie also and just wanted to pass along that there's another May 2013 Brides thread going in case you wanted to chime in!  But it seems to be more open to other locations as well.  




This one is great as it's catered to Riviera Maya Brides specifically =)

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