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Hard Rock options, photography and dj

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Hi ladies,


I have been trying to read all of the posts but am finding it hard to find answers to my questions.


My partner and I are having a symbolic wedding hopefully in May of 2013 (still waiting to book), turns out HRH is one of the few hotels in the carribean who will let gay couples have a symbolic ceremony ( don't even get my started on that adventure lol). 


Anyways, I was wondering if anybody could send me info about "additional" things you can purchase for your special day? Where are the ceremony locations? How is the DJ that the hotel provides and how much is it?  Can you have music played while walking down the isle?  How much is a photographer from HDC?


I'm sure i will have more questions and I will try to read along for more info. 


here is my home email address if you have any info to email us.  Thank you so much!



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