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Majestic Colonial/Elegance Brides 2012-2013

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#111 chrystine888

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    Posted 18 June 2012 - 05:45 AM

    Congrats cherylh!  It is such a relief once you get your place booked!  Now it's just details which should be the fun stuff!  :-)

    #112 detandu

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      Posted 18 June 2012 - 04:02 PM

      That sounds great I got my dress last weekend and I have 14 months till the wedding. When you find the right dress you know it. 

      #113 MissBubbles205

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        Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:16 AM

        Originally Posted by shaeshae18 



        Would your fiance be pissed if he had to miss Thanksgiving week with his fam to go to a wedding?? 


        I ask because I asked the 4 girls I would put in my bridal party and I asked my family.  My family is all for it especially since my sister and her kids are in school.  My fiance has siblings still in school, as well, so we would have to do a time when everyone is off.  2 of the 4 girls in my party said it would be a problem, one of them said she possibly wouldn't come (I've since decided I will not be putting her in my bridal party).  So I was sort of torn, but if it's good for my family and my fiance's family, they're going to be the most important.  I figure the rest will miss Thanksgiving and see their family on Christmas or another time and if my wedding is not that important, then they won't come and I don't want them to be there anyway.  :)


        I just wanted to make sure people weren't just saying it was convenient for them when it wasn't and were going to talk behind my back about how annoyed they were! 


        Thanks for your input. :)

         Well for one I will say, your family and his family are the very most important ones!!!.. So your family will be more than happy to spend a great holiday with the whole family and the new members of the family. :o


        My fiance would not be mad, especially if it was someone whom is a great friend of ours, family, or someone we care a lot about. Also it's not like you are asking someone to to skip a great vacation to stay home for a wedding that will last a couple of hours. You are asking them to have a wonderful vacation with family and friends to a place they would probably never choose to go to on their own and also get to see someone whom means a lot to you get married.


        My fiance and I are also having to work around school schedules so we choose the week after school lets out. I have family members that have a yearly cruise they do in July but have opted to go our our wedding and skip the cruise that year. I don't think they were too happy at first to change plans, but they realized that our wedding was pretty important especially since this is my parents and g.parents I am referring to. I have not asked my bridesmaids to be just that yet, for the fear of who would back out due to the destination wedding, but I'm deciding to bite the bullet and send them out. They'll all have a years notice and will have plenty of time to save and make plans. Also, my fiance and I have come to the conclustion that it's our big day and the ones that matter to us will be there and the ones that we matter to wouldn't miss it, regardless of the date or location.

        #114 MissBubbles205

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          Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:23 AM

          Originally Posted by sherylh 

          Hello to all the future brides, after thinking my fiance and I were going to be married at the Bahamas we have since decided to look into other options because of our budget. I have been e-mailing any and every resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican and have received multiple responses and although there are a lot of great packages, Majestic elegance is my favorite so far. It seems to be somewhat pricey but you still get TONS more than in the Bahamas. We have chosen our date, August 22, 2013 and colors and that's about it. I feel that I am really limited as far as planning any further details until we secure our date and location. I think choosing the resort is the most stressful part (or at least I hope so, I couldn't imagine it being more stressful hahaha)


          I think we have about 70 people we are inviting but we think only 40-50 will actually go to the wedding. The most exciting part is the all inclusive (especially the alcohol part, eeeeh ya! ) I look forward to hearing all the ideas you all have and being able to share ideas with you all, as well. Happy planning!!!


          ~ Sheryl~

           Welcome to the Punta Cana thread! :o)   I too was planning our wedding for the Bahamas but realized the budget we had in mind was way off. We were looking in Atlantis on Paradise Island. Choosing the resort is definitely the most stressful!! I was freaking out like crazy when it came to choosing a resort.. but after we came down to reality about Paradise Island costing us wayy to much we stumbled upon ME.. And I think we have made the best decision, it's super nice, I've seen nothing but great reviews, and best of all... it's all inclusive--including the alcohol ;o) If I was a guest to a wedding I would def hope they choose something all-inclusive. One thing some of our guests weren't happy about with Atlantis.


          Whenever I show friends and co-workers the ME website they are amazed at how nice the place is. So I think you are making a great choice. :o)

          #115 BreezyBride2013

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            Posted 19 June 2012 - 03:36 PM

            Hello Everyone!


            We are getting married on February 6th 2013 at 11am on the beach with a dinner reception at the restaurant.

            We are having an AHR in March. We have about 30 guests coming down south.


            Just curious what people are doing for photographers? I do not want to get  a private one, I was thinking of using the resort one...thoughts?





            #116 PuntaBride

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              Posted 19 June 2012 - 04:57 PM

              Finished my invites and sent them in the mail on Friday.  The only tip I have for anyone making this is to make one sample and take it to the post office have it weighed and make sure it fits in their regular mail slot.  Mine were like 1mm to thick where the pearl pin is and I had to send them as oversized mail because of it.  Mine were completely finished and sealed ... so there was no turning back.  Cost me 3x the amount in postage, so I hand delivered all of the local addresses ...it was very expensive to send to England/US.


              Here are some photos, they are not the best quality - with my phone ... but you get the gist.




              #117 MissBubbles205

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                Posted 19 June 2012 - 06:30 PM

                Omg.. Those are sooo stinkin cute!!.. You did a great job!!! Sorry about spending 3x's as much on postage. :o( But that's awesome you've already got your invites out!! I haven't even sent my save the dates yet!!.. I plan to get them out before the end of the month though. :o)


                Love your invites though, you did an awesome job!! :o)

                #118 JennCarlson

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                  Posted 19 June 2012 - 08:50 PM

                  Hi ladies! I had originally planned on having my wedding at the Dreams Palm Beach, but due to flights being sold out, we had to change our dates, and now the resort! I will be booking our flights tomorrow, and gave emailed the wedding coordinator about a wedding date in March, so fingers crossed there is something available. Does anyone know with the "free" symbolic wedding ceremony, if the 15 rooms have to be booked with the resort directly? Or can they be booked at a discounted group rate through a travel company?

                  #119 cindy2013

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                  • Wedding Date:March 12, 2013
                  • Wedding Location:Kukua, Punta Cana
                  • LocationOttawa, Ontario

                  Posted 20 June 2012 - 05:21 AM

                  Punta bride, those wedding invites are adorable!! great job!

                  Bling in Bloom - Floral Brooch Bouquets





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                  #120 amckinley87

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                    Posted 20 June 2012 - 10:05 AM

                    Hey Ladies!!


                    My Husband and I will be having our wedding at the Colonial on January 25, 2013 at 1:00p.m. on the beach

                    I know people who have done destination weddings as well and I have been told that many people have a civil marriage and then fly out to their destination. We have done this as well, we got civillaly married with just us and our kids present and 2 witnesses.


                    Our wedding will be the big event with all our family present and by doing this you actually save money and time. Our wedding with the resort is called the 'Symbolic Ceramony' we have to bring our marriage certificate as it makes the cost of the wedding cheaper and we won't be getting a marriage licence in spanish because then you have the hassel of converting it to english and if there are any mistakes its just a huge head ache and I have heard the cost to have it converted into english is like $500. We opted to use that money towards our wedding as it seems like such a waste to give it away to someone for just a translation.


                    We are very excited for our destination wedding but I haven't done anything for it yet except book the resort, send out an email to our guests and many have booked already. As for a dress, gift ideas and all that I have no idea yet and would love others input and ideas.


                    I was planning for a 1pm wedding on the beach 5 pm cocktail hour and a 6pm private reception. Hopefully everything moves along smoothly.


                    I also think we got a great group rate of 1340. based on dbl I have an awesome travel agent working with me and she specialized in Destination weddings as soon as we booked she called the resort and during our week of stay there were only 2 available times left.


                    **I would advise any bride who is considering booking a resort to call the resort first and make sure the date and time they would like are even available.


                    We are flying out from Toronto - Punta Cana on January 23 - 30, 2013

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