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Hello everyone, I think I am in sort of a pickle. Can anyone tell me about there booking experience for groups? I have called Carnival several times and each time I get a different story. 1st Story: In order to book the group I had to put a deposit down on the min amount of rooms which is 8 and my total was $2400 and that would only hold the price for 2weeks. 2nd Story: I could put the group on hold by putting a deposit down on my room which was $300 and that would only hold the rooms for 2weeks.

Anyone that has done this please tell me how you did it. We sent out emails telling our guests that we were in the final stages of planning our destination wedding and informed them that after they recived the formal invite they would be required to put down a deposit. The next issue is that we are doing the passport invitations and they take 2-3weeks to arrive after you order them .

Someone please help me. My next option is to call a travel agent but all of the ones that I've spoken to seem to be intimidated by the amount of knowledge that I have in this area becuase I'm a coordinator by trade.

Hopefully someone has some advice



rolleyes.gifThanks in advance!


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