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Newbie, Moon Palace 2013

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#81 AmayaMeister2Be

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    Posted 31 July 2012 - 03:51 PM

    Hi lovely ladies, my name is Vanessa and I must say it is good to be amongst fellow MP 2013 brides to be. I recently joined this sight in hopes of making a decision for our destination wedding. We having been debating between Wynn Las Vegas and Cancun's MP, however after soaking in much needed info, my fianc© and I set a date and decided the MP was the right fit for our special day! I sent an email to the palace Saturday so am hoping to get this planning going as soon as I hear back with hopefully a confirmation on our date! I have been reading all the helpful posts from 2012 brides and brides-to-be ( which is how we came to our decision- so thank you ladies for steering us in the right direction) however I'm glad to have found the 2013 threads, it is nice to be in the same boat with y'all. I'm excited to listen and share with you all. Oh and I must say thank you to Lauren (2013 bride) and Sarah (2012 bride) for being so friendly and emailing extremely helpful info ;) I do have one question for you all, which I will also be asking a MP representative when I get in touch with one......has anyone had or seen the fireworks display that they offer? I would really love to have fireworks after our ceremony, but only if they are worth the 500 someodd dollars they cost!! Good luck to all ;)
    76 room nights booked!!! 35 guests.

    #82 LaurenCieply

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      Posted 31 July 2012 - 06:06 PM

      Originally Posted by Frances2010 

      Hi my name is Frances and my fiance and i have decided to get married in 2014. I recently have talked to a travel agent and although their is still a lot of time, i want to be ahead of the game. I have decided to go with palace resorts, just not sure if i should go with Moon Palace or another Palace resort? What made you all choose Moon Palace? I have never been out there and my fiance and I plan on taking a trip next year, did any of you all do that our did you just do everything over the phone and computer? Also what are you all doing about receptions, are you all having a private reception? I would really like to do have dancing, etc. but I'm not sure if its extremely expensive. My last question, do you all have a wedding website? I'm thinking of starting one with wedding wire since its free. Sorry for all of the questions, but i just want the wedding to be great and a fun time for all our guests.


      Frances Elizondo

      Hello and Welcome,


      Most of your questions can be answered if you go to the Moon Palace Brides 2012 forum. It has so much information and you may be a little overwhelmed.. But is great. I choose the Moon because I wanted a larger resort that had a lot of restaurants and activites. I also liked that it was kid friendly just in case anyone wanted to bring their children. I think that the rooms are beautiful and I really liked their wedding collection packages. I also found out that if you book 75 rooms you can get a 7 night stay for free and unlimited private functions (max 3 hours per day) . I think that even though it is a little more expensive say (avg:250 per night ) compared to some that are more (200 per night) it is so worth it for the bride.


      I plan to get married then use the free private functions for 1 hour cocktail and 2 hour private reception.


      The only thing that I want to warn you about having a destination wedding. All of the details are very last minute with the wedding coordinators at the resort. You can confirm your date, however, the wedding coordintators have so many weddings that they do not contact you until 2 months before your wedding to start learning what you want. You can plan and find ot what you want but cannot lock it in until a few months before. Also pricing is not really available until 10 months before. That is beacuse the airlines do not release prices. Apple vacations is the only one who was able to give me an all inclusive price. So if you are anal and need to have everythign locked in , please think about it.

      #83 LRDubbs

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        Posted 31 July 2012 - 06:47 PM

        Hi Ladies,


        My big day will be next year October 19, 2013. I am a finalist in the AMW Destination Wedding Photography Contest. I am reaching out to you all to vote for me and my fiance (LaShawn and Cedric) in this contest and please  please please share with your friends. 


        Thank you all and I wish you all well in planning for the big day! I just got confirmation from the resort for my day, so now it is full steam ahead! 

        #84 mrslumsden2b

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          Posted 01 August 2012 - 11:00 AM

          Hi Julie, Congratulations I get married 2 days before you we 're there for 2 weeks in total. Claire xx

          #85 LaurenCieply

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            Posted 10 August 2012 - 06:00 PM

            I bought my dress!! I am so happy and I feel that I got it at a good price 450.00!!

            NOw that  I have bought the dress this is starting to feel real!! lol

            #86 kaylsx

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              Posted 17 August 2012 - 01:37 AM

              Originally Posted by Nicole19 

              Hi All,


              I am also looking at the Moon Palace for April 2013. Fell in Love with this resort and at the mo there is no other hotel for me! BDW has been an enormous help with all the great pics of weddings and terraces at the Moon Palace.


              I'm a little stuck and disappointed as i am requesting quotes from numerous TA for 22 adults and 2 children...OMG... £53,000.00 is the cheapest quote and there is 7 quests only staying for 7 nights!


              I have had a look at Palace resorts website and they are currently offering children eat and stay free, so i was hoping to get this in our quotes but nope full price!!!


              I'm also wondering how the group amenties work. If you have 75 room nights (which we will be) the bride and groom get 7 complimentary nights. Does anyone know if this is applied when i book the wedding?


              Ive e-mailed moon palace these questions but they have responded advising i need to book the wedding first before hey can advise? So Frustrating...


              I'm loving the Colin Cowie packages... Exotic Peacock is my fav!


              Any help on this resort will be much appreciated as i'm already getting stressed out with the cost of a group booking!


              So excited for the wedding tho...



              Hi did you get your wedding all sorted Im from the uk too and was wondering which is the best way to do it as I've spoke to thomas cook and have a good price for 22 people and i have emailed moon palace but still no response after 4 working days!


              I was wondering about the group discounts and which way was the best to do it as the group benefits seem really good as we would have 98 room nights 


              please let me know how you have getting on as I'm just a newbie! 


              kayleigh x

              #87 JMSF2013

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                Posted 17 August 2012 - 11:09 AM

                Hello All! 


                I just found this site and am reading all these posts and thinking I maybe did my planning backwards... My fiancee and I, plus about 25 guests have booked our vacation to Moon Palace for March 22 - 29, 2013. All deposited are in and and I have a booking number. I just emailed the Wedding department at MP yesterday to set up a date for our wedding... 


                I am starting to get worried now! How hard is it to get the date you would like? I am going to be able to get my wedding in that week??? Ah! 

                #88 Ambginni

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                  Posted 17 August 2012 - 01:02 PM

                  I am having a hard time too trying to get my wedding date set for the Dreams Resort in Cancun for next year. I have sent all my information that the wedding coordinator needed to book my date of July 19th, 2013 and I have still no reply or heard from them. I had my travel agent get in contact with them along with Pleasant Holidays who deals with the Dreams Resort, because I have family and friends who need to plan for my destination wedding. I have been reading the reviews and many brides have said they have had a difficult time trying to get any communication with the wedding coordinators for their date and anything else that needs preparation for their wedding. This makes it hard for me because one I still need to have my date set and two I am a planner so this makes be horribly frustrated. Sounds like you are having the same trouble?

                  #89 BrandyMarie1023

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                  Posted 19 August 2012 - 01:04 PM

                  Hi everyone!  I completed the form on Moon Palace's website to find out if a date for 2013 was available but have not gotten a response yet.  How long does this usually take?  Thanks!!!

                  #90 LaurenCieply

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                    Posted 20 August 2012 - 05:22 PM

                    Great VideoTarz..Thank you for sharing.... Did you choose a new Colin wedding package?

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