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We had 40 guests at our wedding and a wedding party of about 15 people.  So I made a wedding day timeline for the guests of the wedding, for the bridesmaids/moms and then for the groomsmen/dads.   I handed them out at our rehersal dinner.  It was really important for us to have them as we stayed at Moon Palace and the wedding was at Sun Palace so we had to make sure everyone knew what time the private shuttle was coming to pick them up!

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I am getting married on March 14, 2013 at Moon Palace and received a spreadsheet from my wedding coordinator Alejandra. So far I have the complimentry package and adding options. I have 18 nights but some folks are booking next month and should be at 30 nights by then. I will get a free cocktail hour and paying for a private function. I will be using Marvin for my flowers and PSAV for speaker and iPod since they are cheaper than JSAV. Also will be using Ocean Photo Studio (Smile Market).

I am wondering if I should make an itinerary for the wedding day?!? Any suggestion.

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Hi everyone! Newly engaged bride-to-be here! :) So glad I stumbled upon this site. Question-Did anyone or is anyone using their own photographer?! Mine are personal friends and doing my destination wedding gratis (free)!! I will, of course be paying for their travel expenses and room. I wanted to know if they charge some kind of fee for bringing my own. Also, does anyone have buffet menus/options and do they charge and how much?! The tables are $300 a piece for decor, but how much do they charge for the food?! Someone said they spent $20K on their wedding!! I had no clue it could get that expensive. I am only having about 30-35 people anyways. Thanks! I look forward to all the info found here :)



FortLauderdale, FL

If you have 75 room nights (for example if you have 10 people booked for 7 nights = 5rooms x 7 = 35 room nights) booked total, your private dinner functions should be free and a free cocktail hour. If you go with the complimentary package, you'll receive the basic tables with no decor on it for free. I was originally going to go with the Colin Cowie Ivory package, but decided if I was going to spend about $300 a table I'd rather decorate it myself. I'm using Marvin from Maya Floral for our flowers. I hear there are ways of not having to pay the vendor fee, so if I can accomplish this, I will try. lol.

I have my friend doing our photos for us as well. She is booked for the whole week, so there is no vendor fee. Buffet and certain plated food options are included if you have the free private function. There are optional menu items available for upgrades. So those options will cost extra per person.

Everything is apparently extra. For instance if you want a dj, or just a music docking station, music to be played at your ceremony, set up costs, decoration costs, extra hours of alcohol (I think only 3 hours are included with free private function), etc. From my calculations, for our wedding costs including travel and photographer, we will be spending anywhere from $10000-$15000.

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I booked in March 2012 for my Nov 2012 wedding- here is who I spoke to- hope she's still there! :)


Dolores Alvarez- Sales Manager- dalvarez@psav.com

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can someone give me a contact for PSAV and what were you quoted..i only want ipod speakers for 2hrs only ..thanks 

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Can anyone please explain to me how exactly I can get the group benefits? Is it true that I have to use a travel agent to get these or can I get them by just booking through Palace myself?


Also, I'm a bit confused about the dinner reservation included in the wedding packages. Is this for a rehersal dinner only or can this be used the night of the wedding? I understand that it is not private unless you pay extra, but are there rules as to when you can use it?

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