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Looking to stay in Varadero BUT have a catholic ceremony and reception off the resort. Any Help???

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Hey everyone! Im new to the site and have found so much wonderful information already.  Me and my fiance were planning to get married in Playa Del Carmen Jan 2013 but all the crime that has been going on has alot of our guests feeling uneasy.  I know the crime is allll the way in the north and where we are is safe but I guess I would rather explore my options and have more of my family and friends there.  I want them all to feel safe.  Pretty pissed about it though because we had already found a chapel on the beah and just needed to find a venue Any way now im just venting lol

We are now looking into Varadero but I havent found any resorts with chapels.  We would really like to get married in a church and then have a reception off the resort.  Anyone do this there? Anyone have a good wedding planner or tips? So stressed out now!

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