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Just saying hello!

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I'm new here, so getting to grips with everything!

Just wanted to say ''Hello'' to everyone :D

I am due to get married in 2013/14 (Always best to plan early, right? lol) Either that, or I'm just stupidly over excited :D

I think I'm so overwhelmed with LOADS of different emotions at the moment.
I never thought I would be the ''marrying type'' but now I find myself cooing over gorgeous wedding dresses, thinking colour schemes and looking at cakes!

But - I'm only going to do it once, so I want to do it right....

I never realised just HOW much there is to plan! WOW - It's immense lol

Congrats to all you other beautiful brides-to-be!



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Congrats and welcome!  And I'm with you on that you can't start too early.  Well, I guess you CAN since some things won't be available for a while like pricing, but you can def start planning and picking out what you want!  Here is a ton of info that hopefully you will find at least some of it helpful!


You might want to try one of the BDW Travel Agents.  They Specialize in Destination weddings.  You can contact them HERE!


If you do not know what TA you want to work with, just fill out the form Contact a Destination Wedding Specialist HERE and I will direct you to the best agent that fits your needs.


You can read some of our reviews here: Wright Travel Agency ~ Destination Wedding Specialist Reviews HERE


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Cabo Wedding Forum | Cabo Wedding Resort Reviews


Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Forum | Cancun/Riviera Maya Wedding Resort Reviews


Puerto Vallarta Wedding Forum | Puerto Vallarta Wedding Resort Reviews


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St. Lucia Resort Reviews


Cuba Wedding Forum


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Hawaii Wedding Forum | Hawaii Wedding resort Reviews


Las Vegas Wedding Forum


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Barcelo Palace Wedding: Barcelo Palace Brides

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Hi, MrsTaylorToBe and welcome to BDW!  There is no harm in early planning.  You have plenty of time to scour this site and get ideas of what you do and do not like.  Carly has given you a lot of useful information.  Here is some general info that may be useful to you.  Happy planning!



Here are some BDW members and staff you should follow:
  Moderators and Community Leaders

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Welcome!!  Congrats on deciding on a destination wedding.  Happy planning!

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