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So I am getting married on Saturday, January 28th in Playa del Carmen Mexico and I have been a little obsessed with the weather recently. Weather.com says a good chance of rain everyday around the wedding date as accu-weather says not much rain. Does anyone have experience with a good weather website? Or trust one more than the other? Thank you....worried2.gif

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Honestly, it's going to be a bit of a crapshoot.  At least it was for us.


All of the different sources I looked at for the Mayan Riviera said different things.  Weather Network, Accuweather, random googling


First it was sunny

Then it was rain

Then it was thunderstorms


It switched every few days, the day before they were still calling for thunderstorms - then that day it rained good for about 20 minutes. Our wedding was gorgeous without a cloud in the sky.  I was full prepared to use our back up location until that day.


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