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Planning Fun Activites for Guest

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Hello All,


I am helping my sister plan her wedding at Ocean Turquesa & Coral (OTC). The guest should arrive either Wednesday or Thursday and the wedding will be held on Saturday. We plan on having at least one activity a day for our family and friends to attend (optional of course. For example:


Wednesday, at night we'll have a welcome party and give out the OOT bags.

Thursday, the bachelor and bachelorette party and go out to Cancun/Playa Del Carmen which ever is closer.

Friday, we have booked a tour bus to take our guest to XCaret.


-What types of fun games and activities do you suggest?

-Also, what kind of kid activities should be plan?

-In Cancun, what are some really fun clubs to go to? I want to take my sister to them for the bachelorette party (hehe.. I also need bachelorette party ideas). Pleas help, any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.


Thank you!


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Dear Branding My Image ,  the resorts are in the middle of Cancun and Playa , I think is nicer Playa because you can walk from one  club to other ...the best place to have  fun  is 12th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.


During the day I suggest you make "ice brokers" games , specially if the groom family and the bride family have not been together before...it help alot to have  a more relaxed wedding!! 



Sandy Planner

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