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Venus909's MIB/Passport Invites - TONS of PICS!

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I am super excited that my invite project is finally complete.  I got so much inspiration and ideas for this project from this site that I wanted to post them in hopes to help someone else.


I First want to specifically thank Sunshine2413 and Laurabrea78 for their very detailed posts on their invites and templates.  They were a HUGE source of information and ideas.


I ordered the MIB supplies from www.sandartsupplies.com and I got all the paper that I used from Archivers.  I made the crystal charms, tags and pretty much everything else myself :)


There was sooo much that went into this process.  I made 100 invites and spent about 3 months completing them.  If you have any question feel free to ask I'll be happy to go into detail.


Here is the whole set!  I have 2 bottles in the picture because I did some with Fuschia crystals and some with clear crystals and wanted to picture both. 

invitation suite.jpg



Here are the detailed pictures:in production.jpg

These are the bottles :)


And a close up of the charms.  I made the pearl and crystal charms using Swarovski elements.  The palm tree charms I got on Etsy.

Each bottle had a pull tag.  I hand cut and rounded the corners of each tag and added an eyelet to prevent it from ripping when it was tied to the raffia.


All the bottles had shells, a sand dollar, and starfish inside.  I ordered the shells from sandartsupplies.com and the startfish and sand dollars from qualityshells.com

This is the "message" that was rolled up and tied with raffia and put in each bottle. These were printed on Blue Parchment paper that I got from Staples and then I burned the edges of each after I printed them.  THANK YOU to Sunshine2413/Laurabrea78 that shared her template with me.

All the Trip and Wedding information was included in the passport. The cover was printed on metallic cardstock from Archivers.  the insides were printed on a higher end white printer paper that I got from work.  I used Alyee's template for these.  Here is the cover and the inside pages:






The RSVP cards were cut in the shape of tags.  The envelopes were printed to match the same design.

rsvp and envelope.jpg


The bottle and passports were packaged in this box:



And here are the some of the invites ready to go!


I hope I was able to inspire someone else :)


Thanks for looking!

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I thought I had responded, but I don't see it posted...  if it posts twice I'm sorry...


Thanks so much Dominique!  I wanted to give my MIBs a vintage flair and I thought the charms and twine helped do that...plus it wouldn't be glam without the crystals and pearls lol :)


thanks again for your compliment, I appreciate it!

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