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2013 Gran Caribe Real/ Royal Cancun Brides

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#511 nov152013

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    Posted 20 February 2013 - 10:45 PM

    Originally Posted by ncalvar 

    Do you have link or email for your florist? I'd love to see her work and prices......


    Yes, please post your florist's info--I am very interested as well!! The prices for the resort decorating the chapel are ridiculous! All I want are some red roses on the sides of the pews, and some red rose arrangements for the centerpieces at the reception and they are asking for an arm and a leg.  Thanks!!

    #512 mrsguinovart

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      Posted 21 February 2013 - 07:03 AM

      Originally Posted by ncalvar 

      Do you have link or email for your florist? I'd love to see her work and prices......




      #513 NinaO

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        Posted 21 February 2013 - 08:43 AM

        Thanks ladies! Ok well we are having 25 guest si figured 5 tables for guest, us, cake, guest stuff/shell signing. So I think 80$ each is good. Plus i purchased burlap table runners and potpourri with big starfish(died blue) ans shells to put on the tables. I am wanting beach theme. So I think I will use there florist. But....after reading through this I had a HELLO MOMENT. MY FI has cousins that went last year. They know a family that lives in Cancun that they spent alot time with. Anyways, they met a photographer that they hung out with, came home and told us. He has AMaZING ideas. We plan on using him the next day for TTD. He does great pics in denotes and water. So I will now look into using him the day of. Oh his site is juanphotos.com. If y'all want check out.

        #514 shelbymohnke

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          Posted 22 February 2013 - 11:04 AM

          Ok- so I am freaking out a little.  Our wedding is set for 11/2/13.  I haven't started contacting outside vendors at all yet.   I was curious how far in advance you guys started lining up the DJ, florists, and photographers?  Any suggestions?

          #515 joannaleigh

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            Posted 22 February 2013 - 12:52 PM

            Hi Ladies! I cannot believe my wedding is almost here!! We are getting married at 3/14 :) I have a question about tipping. Are you going to bring $$ for the DJ, bartender, waitstaff, photographer? I can't make up my mind. Thanks for your help! :)

            #516 BeachBumLesley

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              Posted 22 February 2013 - 02:56 PM

              Originally Posted by Christen Jean 

              I haven't done my review yet because I'd like to include photos from my photographer for you, but haven't gotten them yet.  I will soon!


              Yes, we were all there at 6pm and Sunset Grill sat us perfectly!  They have large round tables (almost like a wedding reception!) so our group took up about 5 tables.  It really worked out perfect and was free.  But you all need to be there ready to be sat, so it worked out really well that I had asked everyone to meet at the lobby bar in our welcome brochure.  The Sunset Grill is right next to it so we were all in line to sit for dinner while we were ordering our drinks at the bar!


              I would definitely recommend spending extra $ on the DJ (Doremixx is AWESOME and a vendor of the hotel).  We only went with the classic wedding package but still had the beautiful white linens decorating everything, candle lit table centerpieces, floral centerpiece for the head table, nice white chairs, etc. 


              I brought my own photographer from home and it was totally worth it.  She was a family friend that stayed at the resort for 2 nights, but I still had to pay the outside vendor fee for her.  I promise, she was worth every penny.  I've known her for a long time and she's always done my family portraits, and I am so glad I asked her to come.  We covered the cost of her trip and she did the pics for us.  It was the best money we ever spent because we love all 900 pictures she took! I highly recommend using someone you already know.


              We used a Travel Agent to book everyone's travel and it was great.  I worried about nothing and she got everyone set up.  People could make payments for their trip up to 30 days before travel which was a huge benefit to using a TA.  We paid $1200/adult with rount trip airfare and this hotel was worth every cent.  My parents had never left the country or done an all-inclusive and I was worried that my mom wouldn't find the benefit in the up-front cost, but she can't stop raving about this resort now that we're home.  It really is a wonderful place to do this.  All of you considering it or stressing out now that your booked- be at ease.  Your onsite WC will handle everything for you and make your big day the day of your dreams.  I know mine certainly was.


              The only con I have about getting married here is the lack of negotiation/perks for having your wedding here.  Everything is pretty cut and dry, which could be a pro too.  You know what you're getting and you get what you pay for.  They do an amazing job and know their stuff.  They do this every day and they do it perfectly. 


              To the girls planning their reception in the ballrooms at GCR:  I can't speak for the other resorts in the chain, but at GCR we toured the ballrooms as a back up if it rained because both our ceremony and reception are planned to be outdoors and found that it was quite obvious you were in a tropical climate while in the ballroom.  Although GORGEOUS, there is a smell that goes with carpet and this type of constant humidity...I HIGHLY recommend the Sunset Views Lounge.  It is an outdoor terrace but is on the 6th floor with both views of the Caribbean Sea and the sunset over the lagoon.  It was breath taking.  We were married in January which is a cooler month than those of you planning a summer wedding, so I understand your concern about heat.  However, I strongly urge you to consider that there is a lot of wind that comes off the sea and that evenings are cooler - I actually felt a bit cold during dinner and my bridesmaids put on scarves until we started dancing and warmed up a bit.  I have a feeling on a summer night this terrace would be a nice temperature.  And although the ballrooms are gorgeous, nothing could top how beautiful the terrace was.  Nothing.


              Happy planning!!!

              Hi!! Why did they still charge you the vendor fee for your photographer if she stayed at the resort? She could have easily been a guest taking pictures! :)

              #517 krswanson1

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                Posted 22 February 2013 - 03:53 PM

                Does anyone know anything about not being able to wear strapless wedding gowns for catholic weddings at gc/royal

                #518 NinaO

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                  Posted 22 February 2013 - 09:41 PM

                  5 months. no problems. also on busiest week and busiest month. July 5, 2013!

                  #519 MOrdonez

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                    Posted 23 February 2013 - 08:36 AM

                    I think I seen some where in a previous post that it wasn't a concern the day of the wedding......

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                    #520 MOrdonez

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                      Posted 23 February 2013 - 08:44 AM

                      krswanson1 - I am pretty sure I read in a previous bride's comments on her whole day. She had mentioned that once she got down there it wasn't an issue and that her and her bridesmaids had strapless dresses in the Chapel......you'd have to skim back to the reviews tho....

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