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2013 Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Brides

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    Posted 25 June 2013 - 08:38 AM

    Originally Posted by CGervaisToBe 

    Awesome, thanks! We are beginning to discuss making our invites, the FI and I... wondering about the best way to do this. In order to get a good quote, we need a good estimation on the group count for the travel agent. But we won't really know that until we get RSVPs back from the invites. But we really wanted to send pricing info WITH the invites... lol. Ideas? I was just going to ask people personally if they are thinking they will come or not, get the group quote, then send that out with the invites. Did you guys have people mail back RSVPs or just email? We sent out Save the Dates last month :) won't do invites until later this year!


    We invited 100 people, and after our save the dates went out last July (I think?), we got an idea of who we thought would be able to make it.  (of course EVERYONE said they were coming initially but you'll start to see who is actively looking to book) 


    We put our Travel Agent  info in the STD, not pricing, so they could contact her with ANY questions. It was extremely helpful and I didn't have to worry about telling anyone about pricing.  We didn't include her contact info in the invite, though I wish we had, because they didn't go out until end of January and guests who hadn't booked yet had lost her info! (so I was getting texts and just sent a screen shot of her info to them) 


    We were expecting bewteen 40-60 people from the start so that's what we used to negotiate rates. We locked in 20 rooms as soon as we could book (360-something days in advance) and 20 seats on the same flight.  We ended up filling both.  (we had 7 additional rooms booked and an additional 30 seats booked outside the "group" for 50 total seats and 27 rooms)  The only thing I will say about reserving seats on the plane, the airlines like to see the seats getting booked or they bug you.  As long as guests book with your TA, they should be filling your block of rooms no matter when they arrive...


    When our guests sent the response cards back, we basically already knew they had booked bc our TA would send me updates.  I mainly needed their food choice and the response card was just a formality. I'd encourage people to start booking as soon as you negotiate rates...and you're never going to be able to wait until they send back their RSVP to negotiate a good rate.


    Hope that helps!


    We were happy over all with what we put on hold, it locked in rates for our guests who booked within the "group".  We also got a dicount set-up for those who did not book the same travel time as us. 

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      Posted 25 June 2013 - 08:58 AM

      Originally Posted by katiemck22 

      After the dinner we had a private reception in the blue moon bar. By far the best decision we made. It ended at 1030 and the disco opens at 11. So it worked perfect.

      Do you recall the approx. cost of your private reception at the blue moon bar?  We have about the same no. of people... and although I don't mind a semi private dinner... it would be nice to have the private space afterwards.  Thanks!

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        Posted 26 June 2013 - 04:53 PM

        @jamielt. I believe it was $500. That included the dj. We also did the semi private dinner,which was just fine for us. The private reception was by far the best money that we spent. It allowed us to do our first dance and our parent dances too. The dj was good, he played the type if music we told Nicole that we liked. If he didn't have a song that we wanted to hear he just hooked up one of our iPods and played it for us.

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        Posted 04 July 2013 - 10:09 AM

        Originally Posted by LanaNJohnson 

        Hi Heather,  Thanks for the response.  That was my worry with the Huppah.  I am extremely OCD as well with this whole thing.  I have printed out pictures of how I want the ceremony site set up and just don't know how it will look at the Lazy River location.  I guess I will just have to wing it once I get down there. Did you privatize the Calabash?  We are torn between Aunt Ruby's and the Calabash (outside versus inside with AC).  What was the temperature in the evening?  Did you or your guests feel like it was too hot and muggy around 7pm to have an outside dinner?  Thanks for all the help,  as I am sure you understand how frustrating it is to plan with no responses from the WC.  I am sure they will do a great job down there but being so Type A, I want everything planned before I get there.  Thanks!


        LanaNJohnson - I was married 5/29, we had a non-private dinner at Aunt Ruby's at 6:30. It wasn't bad at all, and the humidity that day was through the roof !! I was more uncomfortable at the ceremony then I was at dinner and dancing :) We had a private bonfire reception with open bar after dinner, used DJ Kevan and he was awesome :) The weather def. cools down at night, and we had a nice wind when the sun went down. Also, when I inquired about a reception at the Blue Moon Bar it did not include a DJ and there was no charge to rent the space, we would of had to pay for the DJ and open bar. The only thing that included 2 hours of DJ was the Mango Walk Disco which I would NOT RECOMMEND. It's very dark and in a basement ... not ideal to me for a reception. No vendor fee for DJ Kevan, he's their preferred vendor, and Jamaica Wedding DJ Services is Kevan's business and partners.



        Originally Posted by LanaNJohnson 

        Oh man, I have so many questions.  For anyone who booked Dj Kevan or used Jamaica Wedding Dj Services, Do you have to pay the vendor fee to get them onto the resort?  Also when you pay for a private reception at Blue Moon Bar, which supposably includes a DJ for 2 hours, does that money go towards using Jamaica Wedding DJ services or is their fee on top of the $400 for the private reception?  Thanks!

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          Posted 04 July 2013 - 12:21 PM

          Hi ladies! I'm new to the site -- but really starting to get into the planning of my April 12, 2014 wedding at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites :)


          Question for those of you who are further into the planning process: Does the resort have different kinds of chairs for the ceremony -- or do you only have the choice of the white covered chairs? I was hoping for the pretty bamboo ones or thick white folding chairs.


          Also --- when do you start planning the decor of your reception/dinner? Are there options of colors, etc? A book or site to choose from?


          Any help would be greatly appreciated :) -Meghan

          #596 CGervaisToBe

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            Posted 05 July 2013 - 10:09 AM

            Thanks, Heather! Which travel agency did you go through? Sent off our request the other night - almost officially a 2014 IRHS bride-to-be!

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              Posted 05 July 2013 - 01:38 PM

              Hi Iberostar Brides!! I'm back home and would like to share my experience with you. I will do a full review sometime next week. We were married on April 25, 2013. Like most of you, I panicked the majority of the time because of the lack of communication. PLEASE RELAX. Once you get there, you will meet with Nicole to go over all the details. She is very nice and will help in any way possible. Our ceremony was on the beach, the dinner was at Aunt Ruby's, and we rented a private room at the Blue Moon for the reception for $390.00 for two hours which included the DJ. We were introduced, cut the cake, our first dance, and toss were all done at the Blue Moon. Based on the forums, I thought that my party of 25 was small; however, it was just enough people for us. The negative would be the DJ we had at the Blue Moon. He absolutely SUCKED,until my videographer stepped in and spoke to the Wedding Coordinator Assistant Tiffany. Once Tiffany came in and saw that we were not dancing, but mostly laughing at how much he sucked, the music changed and we danced the night away. The weather was absolutely perfect. I looked at the weather prior to arriving and the isolated thunderstorms and showers had me worried, but it did not rain one bit while we were there. The staff were GREAT. They helped in any way possible. I give a Big Fat "F" to Delta Vacations who ruined three of my guest booking and I had to take care of that once they arrived. Other than that, everyone goes out of their way to please you in anyway possible at the resort.  BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY PHOTOGRAPHER MERRICK COUSLEY and VIDEOGRAPHER ROBERT DUNKLEY www.dvsjamaica.com. His website only shows I think one wedding but once you contact him, he will send you another video upon your requests. Both gentlemen were my life line the day of the wedding. Professional and soooo helpful with soo much talent. I was scared initially because you don't really know people and you're hoping that what they are telling you is true. If you have any questions, just ask and will share anything that I know to help you because I've been there. I will post pics soon. Happy Planning Ladies!!! 

              Hello, Congrats to you and your Fi! I'm planning a 2014 wedding at the Grand. Unfortunately there isn't forum for the Grand like the Suites. Is Calabash open air? Did you find it too hot to dance and enjoy? We're your guests dancing? The main option for receptions at the grand Is an open air restaurant on the beach. I am so afraid of the heat and humidity ruining our reception. We have a choice of using there catering hall but my Fi is so......against it. I would think that the Ac'd venue would be much better..his thoughts are "why marry in Jamaica if we're going to rent a hall". I hope you can help ease my mind. My date is next May.

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                Posted 06 July 2013 - 09:20 AM

                Originally Posted by LanaNJohnson 

                Just in case anyone is curious, I was quoted for a private reception dinner on the beach.  I haven't seen a post about it so I thought I'd share.  Its $55/person and is set up on the beach right in front of Aunt Ruby's.  The dinner has a set menu.  I can forward you the document they sent me if you just send me your email address.



                CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed of. I'm excited to hear all about it when you return.


                I am trying to decide between three resorts. I am totally curious about the beach reception dinner at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, so thank you for posting! A private reception dinner on the beach would be IDEAL.


                Was it private? Can they put a dance floor and bar services right on the beach for the reception?


                Hoping to hear from you when you return :)  Thanks again!



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                  Posted 06 July 2013 - 09:24 AM

                  Do they allow sky lanterns at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites if we bring them?

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                    Posted 06 July 2013 - 09:37 AM

                    Nevermind! I just read Tanae's review that said that they do all them. Beautiful Pictures!

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