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Aldo Tovar photography

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does anyone know how to contact Aldo Tovar? His website says to "please contact us through our representant" but provides no other details? anyone used him for photography before

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Originally Posted by amyh View Post
I just went to his site and they provide a contact form Aldo Tovar Photographer
E-Mail: aldo@photoaldotovar.com

I believe Raeka is using him.
I was going to use him. His work is GORGEOUS. I just do't wan to pay $450US per hour when I can fly in my photographer and get her for 10 hours, plus a TTD and casual beach session. I really wanted my whole day to be photographed and Aldo was a bit too pricey for me. he does do really good work though. He gets back to emails in a timeley matter too.

Good luck.

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