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When the art of fashion interpretation(C)

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Jersey fabrics and Cubism French poet and playwright to • Cocteau (JeanCocteau) is a modern art Chanel and never interrupt the connection. He was a warm admirer of Chanel, but also a public tired of Paris socialite friends, including Callas opera queen, star Marlene Dietrich • Each woman had led him a fascinating subject intimate relationships, mixed with love and friendship. However, social tolerance and the art of sharing of ideas, and Chanel, and he is undoubtedly the most equal and permanent: they are the natural instinct can smell success with genius, there are sophisticated drama, know how to attract their own to attract the people. handbags louis vitton March 1954, after the fashion of Chanel back, Cocteau in France, "Women" magazine wrote of her: "Whether a writer or artist, Ms. Chanel are modestly hidden in the shadows, she advanced customization clothing sector has been in an unassailable position, but she and her Picasso, Dali, Stravinsky, Le Weidi and friendship between me, more important than her lofty position in the fashion industry kept their promises also important. "In 1959, Cocteau gave Chanel a print, she wrote a few paragraphs back readily, that is the beginning of a call-in the heart of Chanel:" Fashion moment gorgeous and that is why it so were so moved. " louis vittion handbags 1921, is the girlfriend Mixi Ya • Dorset to Chanel to the Diaghilev ballet, modern circles, she and Cocteau, Picasso met. In the 1920s, Diaghilev in Paris, the Russian Ballet, modern art is like a shelter, live in those accustomed to wandering poor snobbish upper-class artists and established between a strange channel, Bi in which the Caucasus and other people from freely. The fall of 1922, they co-operation that was adapted from "Antigone," the dance, in Montmartre a small, broken, "Studio Theatre" in the introduction, Cocteau to write the script, Picasso painted scenery, Chanel design costumes. In 1924, the trio has collaborated drama "Blue Train." louis vouitton handbags The time, Picasso and Braque's Cubism Painting has been leading the board center stage of modern art in Paris, is gaining a visual revolution. Chanel and painters in the exchanges, apparently by this revolutionary impact: based on the daily life of the material, the simple effect of color and collage fragmented. She used in the design of a Jersey knitted fabric, it had never been used in women's fashion, it is used for men's underwear, but use it to design a Chanel dress elegant, geometric tailoring suits, success Normandy to the introduction of middle-class fishermen's clothes closet. Originally printed in the fabric of those diamond-shaped pattern, reminiscent of the structure of three-dimensional paintings. moncler jacket for women In 1926, Chanel reactionary in the "Belle Epoque" style little black dress complex began sweeping the fashion industry. Picasso's lover, photographer Dora the memories of before, when she came to Paris from Buenos Aires when the battles, filled with all smelled Chanel's little black dress. Crepe sewing, elongated sleeves, knee length skirt, the U.S. version of "Vogue" said the little black dress for the "Chanel version of the Ford car", meaning it's like Ford cars, as the industry standard - "no matter what build color of the car, as long as black enough. "Chanel created the little black dress with a female modernist stance: comfortable and free from the shackles of stereotypes. "Before me, no one dare to wear black. Four or five years time I design a black dress, but with a white collar. Very popular, so I get rich. Regardless of the film actress, or hotel waitress, everyone wore little black dress. " moncler jacket fur In Chanel's 31 rue Cambon apartment, stairs space is a typical cubist style. "Wall mirror diffraction of complex visual images, the edge of the stairs every day to be repainted, the air was filled with No.5 fragrance. Mirror ladder in endless repetition of the image map, the more the smaller the reduction, until the disappear in the very distant future ... "fascination with this element of the mirror, but also seek to solve the problem cubist painter, one of the symbols. Was first in Paris in 1912, "golden" exhibition, the Gris collage exhibition "wash basin" used a piece of mirror pieces, this piece of debris so it was very creative as Cubism in painting itself "more serious invasion ", it is heterogeneous and mysterious. Cocteau and the mirror elements are obsessed with Chanel, who often talked together about the topic of the mirror, leave the real cross to "the other side of the mirror." Chanel studio and store in the rue Cambon apartment downstairs, when she released the latest season of custom clothing line, she sat mirror the top of ladder, this ladder has witnessed the same mirror Chanel style that give women the freedom of body and mind, but its perfect form and follow the strict order, at this point, like a Chanel who Cubism letter, she admitted: "an artist who so I know what is serious. " moncler jacket grey This is the original authors welcome to reprint reprint please indicate the source. References :10 minuten om je hart te testen is gezond

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