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Just got married at GBP on January 4th!

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Hi everyone!  I have been following this blog for the last 6 months intensively...but I have never posted.  I have just returned from a 2 week vacation at the Runaway Bay Resort and got married last wednesday!  IT was more than AMAZING!... IF you have any questions, please fire away as I got to witness more than one wedding (due to a 2 week stay).  Our wedding was perfect and everything was more than fabulous. 

1.) Chandlyn is fabulous!  She is hard to reach at times via email but I assure you that once you meet her, you will realize that she is extremely organized and knows what she is doing!    There are a lot of wedding at this resort (there were 3 just on my day) so now I understand why it takes her awhile to answer + it is jamaica = where there are NO PROBLEMS MAN...just situations hahahha!

2.) We have our wedding in the gazebo (at 11am) and had our reception dinner at 6:30.  We rented out/reserved a restaurant for only our group and it was totally worth it! (we were 60 people)!  We had initially rented out the snack bar (Piscis) which felt perfect for the occasion, however the weather in the evening did not permit for an outdoor dinner and thus we took on the Dolce Vita restaurant, which was AMAZING for the reception (also right by the side of the water).  The piscis rental goes for 1700 US and the dolce vita or Grill restaurant for 2500US if you choose to reserve it for your group.  we only had to pay 1700 as the weather did not cooperate and Chandlyn only made us pay for our initial rental of the Piscis ( awesome!)

3.) Open BAR - do not pay the fee of $15/ person/hour at your wedding.  Your guest have access to red/white wine, beer, juice and sodas... and if you ask nicely you'll get free stuff.  I asked chandlyn for rum, vodka and scotch... and she threw it in for free :)

4.)  Photographer: i did not go with the resort photographers as I did not like their style nor qualifications.  I hired my own photographer from Kingston who was so great!!!  He arrived at the resort at 7:30am and only left at 10:30 pm.  He charged $1600.00 and was worth every penny! 

Please check him out at :http://www.deanclarkeweddings.com/index2.php#//home

I will post a few pictures as soon as I get access to the proofs :)

5.) music: had a DJ for the reception from 6:30 to 11:00 (he didn't cost anything - as it was included in the package... i really think that part is not well mentioned in the package descriptions.  I took the sunshine package and I had a DJ for an hour and a half at the ceremony and 4 hours at the dinner - asked him to stay till 11 and he agreed at no cost - so we tipped him well :)

6.) SPA - got our hair done at the spa - myself, my 2 bridesmaids, 3 mothers and the grooms lady..,. everyone's hair looked amazing and the cost is of approx $80US

7.) enjoy your wedding... it goes by so fast... can't believe its all over already... but a lifetime of love and happiness has been sealed with a promise :)


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