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The Sun Gold Experience

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We used Sun Gold (Paula and Damian, a husband/wife team) for our wedding which was this past July at Moon Dance Villas. I really can not say enough good things about their work and their services. From start to finish (we are just finalizing our album now since I took so long choosing the pictures I want to be in it - no fault of Sun Gold's at all), they have been fantastic to work with. Aside from their beyond gorgeous work, they respond to emails and calls in a prompt manner and have been able to answer every single question that I've had... from "Hey, since you spend some time in Jamaica, can you tell me a little bit about the florists my resort recommended?" to "Do you know a good videographer?" to "Who chooses the pictures for the slideshow (they do) and who pics them for the album (the couple does)" to "What is a 'flush mount album'?" Sun Gold was there for us.


As for some specific questions brides might have:

1. Was the shoot was fun? YES! It was amazing! I did not plan to have a TTD, but we did an impromptu one the day after the wedding in addition to taking photos at a nature preserve in Negril. Paula and Damian also came back to the resort to take some pictures of our next day brunch. Just fantastic! 


2. Did the photographer capture the best moments? YES!!!! They captured EVERYTHING... including a picture of one of my best girlfriends grabbing her crotch in true Michael Jackson style as one of his songs was playing. They captured me looking nervous as the sash to my dress was being tied, looking excited and teary-eyed at the same time as I walked down the aisle, and looking elated as we danced the night away. In addition to taking shots outside on the beach, they took us into one of the villas and took some shots of us looking tuckered out (even though we weren't). It was unreal!! As a testament to just how perfectly they captured "me" I can tell you that there is one picture that my mom has framed which she just can't get enough of. When I asked her why she like that particular shot so much she said "Because that shot is YOU, Lara. When I look at that picture, I see you as a little girl and I see you now."


3. How long did you wait to get your photos? Not long at all! We had a link to our pictures (they use Pictage, a photo hosting site - images are up for 90 days and you can pay to extend the time if you need it) and DVDs of the images within about 2-3 months. The slide show took a little longer to post on their website, but I'm pretty sure that was a function of me taking some time to choose the song it was set to. I didn't know it was coming, but we got a DVD of the slideshow right after it was on their website.


4. Was the package worth what you paid? For all that we got, I would have paid more :)


Even all these months after the wedding, I am still working with Paula and Damian and they are just going above and beyond. They've done an amazing job with the album layout and tweaked it to exactly my liking. They even made some slight changes to shots I wasn't completely sold on. For example, there is one gorgeous shot of me reaching down to touch one of my shoes right after I put them on. The shot is incredible, but I just didn't like the way the parting in my hair looked. Damian was kind enough to retouch the photo so it wasn't so noticeable.


Sun Gold is not just a wedding photographer. It's an experience unto itself!!!


I'll post some of my favorite Sun Gold photos separately, but in the meantime... Here's a link to our slideshow:





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