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Hey guys I am new here

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Good Morning ladies,

I am new here, and just starting to look into planning a destination wedding.

I cant decide between Negril Jamaica, or Punta Cana. We have been to Punta Cana on vacation a few years ago and loved it.

I am trying to do a destination wedding, but not for really expensive.

I had a few questions:

If I were to do a destination wedding, what kind of expense am I looking at?

What are the best hotels in Punta Cana to do a wedding?

Would you guys recommend Punta Cana over Negril?

Can I still do a destination wedding on the cheap?

I don't know where to start and thought you ladies would be a great help.

Just to give you some info regarding how much we want to spend etc.... I was hoping maybe under $10,000 if I could. We were thinking maybe 20-30 people would be able to actually come. We would also like to do it in the beginning of 2013 some time.

Thanks so much guys.




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