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My OOT Bags are done!!! Tons of pictures & a template!! (emstypes)

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I got the palm tree & chairs through VistaPrint!  If you are on their page and search "beach", it should give you like 19 pages of results... I wanna say its somewhere around page 14.  Hope that helps!!

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Looks Great!  How did you get the picture of the palm tree and beach chairs?  I was trying to find that earlier!



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Scooter - All I did was order the paper from VistaPrint that I'm going to print my welcome letter on.  So its up to me to figure out the wording lol.  Seriously, in VistaPrint there is sooooooo much you can do.  Really take time to just play, and you'll start to figure out how its done, I promise!  :)  Here's what my welcome letter paper looks like, just so you can see.  Then I'll figure out the layout of the letter before I print on it!


Welcome Letter.aspx

Originally Posted by scooter514 View Post

Did vistaprint help you with your welcome letter or did you write it out youself? I'm still trying to figure out vistaprint and how all of this is done!


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The coupon for the johnson and johnson first aid kit isn't working for me. Did you use any other coupons you would be able to share with us? I'm trying to save as much as possible when putting together my bags. Thanks so much!

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