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Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton/Grand Palladium Jamaica Brides 2012

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Originally Posted by LindsayM View Post


Hey Meaghan, I'm getting married Feb 2013 at GPLH at 4pm on the beach. Still deciding whether we are going to have a private reception or not. What are you paying for your private reception? I have seen different prices, like $20 a head (after 8 ppl) for a place setting at our wedding packages theme and somewhere else I read about a $25/person food charge??? I can't fathom paying $45 a head for my guest to eat at an all-inclusive resort. I'd appreciate any insight. 


I am going to make an itinerary with optional activities, a 'Carter vs.McInnis' beach volleyball game, Rick's cafe, Dunn River Fall's, etc. We are going to rent a boat for a cocktail hour after the ceremony. 


Hey Lindsay... I believe the $20 per person is your ceremony cost. The private reception is about $45 per person. They say this is for staffing and having a private area... I wasnt keen on it either. Check with your wedding planner at GP. 

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Originally Posted by Michelle11 View Post


Hey ladies!


Thanks for the replies on hair, makeup, and dj !


I just got back from Grand Palladium Jamaica - went for a pre-wedding visit !


It's a stunning property with amazing people. The food was pretty good too! I'm really happy I went... it TOTALLY put my mind at ease and now I'm even MORE excited that I picked this resort for my destination wedding! I got to see all the ceremony sites and reception areas... so happy with the choices we made after seeing them first hand.  There are so many gorgeous places on this resort !!!


I also met with the DJ from Irie Jams (Damane) he was awesome too - so we're definitely hiring him. Gotta decide later if I want to upgrade the package to add an MC and some up-lighting on the pillars of the Blue Lagoon.


I'm looking into photography now. Our Toronto photographers bailed on us unexpectedly, just before we signed the deal, so now I'm on the hunt again! While I was at the wedding office in JA, I saw a little album from TRUE COLOURS photography.  Just googled them and I think I really like their stuff. Have any of you used them?  If so, what were your honest opinions of the photos you got?


Also - please please please vote for my fiance and I! We only have three more days to vote daily , to help me win the wedding dress of my dreams from Kleinfeld's in NYC !!!  Thanks ladies!!

Voting Link:


Hi Michelle, I love that you just got back and are so pleased with the resort. It also helps to put my mind at ease. I looked at the True Colours website and wasn't happy with the pictures, but I did find some fantastic photographers in Jamaica. Lindsay Moleirinho (who we are using) www.photosbylam.com and Sandy May (www.sandymayphoto.com) were my two favourite and Lindsay is actually shooting at our location this month! Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by Meaghans990 View Post


I love this for 2012 Brides!!! My fiance and I will be getting married November 10th, 2012 and are so excited! We have our ceremony on the beach at 2:00 pm, champagne on the beach following the ceremony, pictures etc then our reception is at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant where we will have a private reception.


What about you ladies? Dates, plans, ideas?


Are you making programs for the wedding day or itinerary's for the entire trip including optional golf tournaments etc? Any tips!


I'm getting married that same day. But I'm choosing the Atrium. My wedding is at 4pm, but I cant quite figure out where to have my dinner. I'm thinking Posidens, because your's is already booked at the blue lagoon.  I'm just sketchy about the decor.

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Hey everyone... just got back from the GPLH!!! We were married on May 10.. ceremony at the gazebo and reception in the blue lagoon!

Very impressed with the resort and big shout out to wedding coordinator Nekeisha!!

The resort is beautiful and perfect for our group of 48!


My reccommendations:


1. STEEL DRUM BAND! Didnt hear any weddings do this for the ceremony but ours.. and it was soooo worth it! Our guests thought it was included and didnt realize we paid $500 for the hour.. but oh well.. it MADE the wedding ceremony. After all... we were in Jamaica!!! Was not a fan of the wedding using ipods and recorded music for the ceremony.. it felt too stiff and uptight.


2. ZURIELEMAKA (spelling?). This show was INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We decided to do this show after our main course and before dessert. It was nothing short of AMAZING!!!! They included guests and the bride and groom for a few things and it was definitely the highlight of our entire wedding!!!!!! People will be talking about it forever... and every one of our guests said it was the best show they had ever seen!!!!!! I can't say enough about the talent of these people and the culture they brought to our wedding. Fun, fun and FUN!!!! People from all over the resort were coming to try and watch it. Since we were in the blue lagoon we had people hanging over the railing from the Infinity bar above to watch it. Kind of annoying since we paid $900 for it and other people were photo bombing and video taping it... but oh well. we DEFINITELY made it a wedding to remember! We even heard random people talking about it the next day in the pool and the beach.


3. GAZEBO. This is the BEST location for the ceremony. Our room was right above the beach location.... which was really small and the entrance for the bride is really awkward and short. We watched a few weddings here from our balcony and soo many people were photo bombing it. We actually did too without realizing it. We went out to the reef behind the beach location to take post-wedding pictures and there was a wedding going on...so im pretty sure we photo bombed their ceremony.. but oh well we were on a schedule too!!! The gazebo is VERY private and secluded in a garden.. right on a cliff between the adult beach and sunset cove beach. The aisle was very long and the walk was just beautiful. Gave everyone enough time to take pictures and me enough time to control the tears and take it alllllllll in!!!!! The guest area is partially shaded by trees. Our ceremony was at 2pm so it was blistering hot and part of the guests were in the sun. A 4pm wedding would be mostly shaded here.. which is a huge factor to consider for your guests. 


4. Blue Lagoon. The ONLY 2 restaurants i would reccomend for dinner would be the blue lagoon as #1 and poisedon #2. Poisedon is great and VERY private...it would be best if you can rent out the entire restaurant...cause it gets realllllly cozy if you dont. the sun sets directly infront of the restaurant and you will get amazing photos!!!!! I really liked how private and secluded this place is... but be aware you WILL need to shuttle out here... its a far walk for guests... esp. if staying on the jamaica side. The blue lagoon was fabulous!!!!! We did a sweetheart table (head table of just bride and grrom) and then we had 7 other tables infront of us. The wedding party and guests sat directly infront of us with parent tables on each side. we had direct access to everyone.  It was perfect. We used the other wing for dancing and the zurielemaka show. Be aware... however... that the Infinity bar has a reggae band EVERY night... and they start up around 9pm... so you WILL NOT be able to hear ANYTHING other than this band. We didnt know this.... and our first dance and ipod music during dinner was realllllly affected. Our speeches were also slimmed down and if we would have known how loud the reggae band was... we TOTALLY would have changed our schedule. My dad had a huge speech written and could only say part of it. Also.. our first dance was pretty bad.. no one could hear the song which made it hard for guests to pay attention. We knew though.. so i didnt care! :)

Note that you ONLY have until 10pm... and they WILL start ripping everything apart at 10pm SHARP. TIMING IS HUGE!!!!! We started dinner at 7pm. I would DEFIINITELY recommend dinner at 6:30pm at the LATEST. Due to the show our dinner ran later than expected and we had to move our first dance over to the side because they had started ripping our reception down. So that was distracting too but everything worked out.

I also would NOT recommend wasting ANY MONEY on a DJ. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not worth it!!! There really is ZERO time for one... and trust me you will be very disappointed for wasting a boat load of money when all you need is a playlist and ipod during and after dinner.

We also didnt use a microphone or rent a MC ... we just yelled and spoke really loud for speeches and it was PERFECT. Our bartender helped out huge and acted as an MC too .... so im very glad we didnt waste mmoney on that becaues they did it anyway!!!!!!!!! They announced our bridal party for entrances and announced the show and the cutting of the cake. It was awesome!!!!


5. FLOWERS. Okay... so I actually had fake f,lowers made before we left. I paid $200 for my bouquet, 1 bridesmaid and 3 bouts .... NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!! I ended up using the resorts FREE one.. it was STUNNING.. and my bridesmaid bouquet.... ha! we ended up piking flowers from the resort and shoving them into her bouquet to cover up the fake ones. The tropical flowers around the resort matched her dress PERFECTLY! we were laughing because it was one of the FEW things we tried to pre-plan.. and it wasnt worth it!!!

DONT WASTE MONEY on fake ones unless you absolutely want a specific type. I didnt use my bouquet at all... haha what a waste!


6. REMEMBER: NO WORRIES MON!!!! NO PROBLEM IN JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything WILL work out and EVERYYYYTHING is done on JAMAICAN TIME!!!!!!!!

Its amazing how much i learned in jamaica. If you have never been...like us.... it is a country of peace and no stress. The people are beautiful and the island is beautiful.

Jamaicans are VERY polite and respectful. They are hilarious and veryyyy relaxed. I was NEVER stressed out about anything before during or after my wedding... and once we got to Jamaica my guests started to understand why. No worries. Everything is IRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!



If anyone has any questions pleae let me know! ill try and get some pics up too...

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Alysia85 congrats!!! Your pictures are beautiful and thank you thank you for that review! It's almost exactly what I want, with the steel drum band and the show afterwards. Did you walk down the aisle to the steel drum band? The gazebo looks great,  but we really want to get married on the beach.


Does anyone have pictures of the Waves of Love package at the beach? The website pictures look awesome, but I want to see a real wedding picture at this location please.


Also, I read somewhere that the Hors d'Oeuvres Reception at Your Ceremony Site was enough food to feed guests, even enough for leftovers. . . .I am thinking of having my whole reception at the beach. After our ceremony, have a signature cocktail for guests while we get a few formal pics taken, and then introduce us, speeches and a few dances while hors d'oeuvres are being served, and then have the  ZURIELEMAKA show?!?!?

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Originally Posted by alex061388 View Post


Hiii my wedding is june 9th at 4pm and i think it is such a great idea to do the oot bags maybe i should do something like that! I just wasnt sure about carrying so much heavy stuff in my luggage and having anything break :/

I'm June 9th at 2pm... I was so upset the 4pm slot was taken lol... because the reception is not until 6pm!

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I just got back on Saturday night and have to say that I am very happy with my decision to have our Wedding at the Grand Palladium!  I left for Jamaica on May 7th with my best friend with the intention of having the ceremony on the beach (the boys were joining us on May 9th).  In the days leading up to my wedding, I witnessed several weddings on the beach.  While they were beautiful, there was zero privacy.  There were people laid out on the beach who just stayed and watched the wedding.  As I was walking around the resort exploring, I stumbled across the Gazebo.  This trip was my 2nd to this resort and I can't believe that I hadn't seen it before!  It was beautiful!  There's a long, curved, paved, walkway and shade for the guests.  The gazebo is up on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  When my mom and dad arrived on Tuesday, I took them to the Gazebo.  They loved it!  My mother pulled the "this whole process I haven't asked you for anything.  I'm asking if we can have your wedding here" card.  I was already sold. My fiance/husband/Tim agreed to change ceremony sites sight unseen.  Our reception was held at the Poseidan.  This was a bone of contention for us.  Tim wanted to have the ceremony at the Blue Lagoon while I wanted to have the ceremony at the Poseidan.  We were each holding our ground and when I finally caved to let him have the Blue Lagoon, it was already booked.  The Blue Lagoon is beautiful; however, there's a sheet separating the reception from other guests waiting to be seated in the Italian restaurant and it's right next to the Indian restaurant.  It doesn't take away from the beauty of the location, I just prefer a more private feel.  Needless to say, I was excited that I was getting to have our reception at Poseidan.  We brought decorations down with us and all of our guests (48 guests) RAVED about our reception - the entertainment, the decor and the food.  We did the Zurielamaka show (well worth it in my opinion), hired Kevan Stewart as our DJ, and went with the Italian menu.  Our wedding ceremony and reception turned out better than I ever could have imagined!  I've included some pictures below.  These are the ones that my friends/family took.  Once I get the professional ones, I'll post some of those too!

Here comes the Bride.JPGCeremony.JPGFirst Kiss.JPGFirst Dance.JPGReception.JPG

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I just got back from my wedding and everything was perfect!  I just typed up a long post, and for whatever reason there was an error so I have to start over.  This one will be much shorter.  We originally planned to get married on the beach, but after watching several weddings on the beach in the days leading up to ours - I decided that the Gazebo was a better location for us.  It is absolutely beautiful.  There's a long, curved, paved walkway leading up to the Gazebo.  There was shade for our guests.  And there were not any sunbathers watching the ceremony! cheesy.gif


Here comes the Bride.JPG






First Kiss.JPG


We did get a torrential downpour between our ceremony and reception, but the rain held out for our 4pm ceremony and was gone by our 6pm reception. 


Our Reception was held at the Poseidan Restaurant.  I cannot even put into words how happy I am that we decided to have our ceremony here.  I wanted the Poseidan all along just due to the fact that it's more intimate.  My fiance wanted the Blue Lagoon becuase it's so picturesque and very elegant looking.  When everything was said and done, even my fiance agreed that the Poseidan was the perfect location for us!  The views of the sunset were truly breathtaking.  The intimacy was perfect for a wedding reception.  Our guests raved and I would not change anything about it!  The decorations were brought with us from home.  For entertainment, we hired Kevan Stewart as a DJ and paid for the Zurielamaka show (you will not be sorry).  Everytime I went over budget, my now husband kept trying to cut the show.  I'm sooo glad I stood my ground and kept it.  I even changed my wedding package from the Bliss in Bloom to the Waves of Love to keep the show in!  We chose the Italian menu (the steak and chicken dishes for our entree choices). 





First Dance.JPG



***Picture disclaimer - I've included a few here.  These are pictures that my friends and family took.  Once I have some of the professional ones, I'll post those as well! 

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