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We were married April 1st of 2011 and I can say without Tropical Occasions, Aimee Monihan and Anahi her assistant, a rehearsal dinner and wedding in Costa Rica NEVER would have happened. Especially for 76 people.
I started working with Aimee about 7 months prior to our wedding. Not only was she on top of everything (to the point that I had a detailed spread sheet sent and updated every couple of weeks, as to every penny that was being spent, who needed to be where when, what vendors were suggested to use and exactly what they the vendors charged, recommendations on accommodations for our guests, transportation for our guests, down to details I never would have thought of). Aimee and her team were fantastic and extremely caring. To them the wedding was personal, not just a job to be done. So much so the night of our wedding my mom (who is one tough cookie) hugged her and said she could not in her wildest dreams have imagined such a special and amazing wedding and could not thank Aimee and her team of employees enough for their efforts.
Aimee even went out of her way to contact my mother in law who was planning the rehearsal dinner (very much out of her comfort zone) and had a two hour meeting with over the phone to make sure she was comfortable and had the contacts she needed so that evening went smoothly.
The hotel where we stayed and had the rehearsal dinner on the beach was Capitan Suizo. Our photographer was Katie Stinnet with Comfort Studios. Our wedding took place about 20 min. outside of Tamarindo at Rerserva Conchal. I had the contacts to every vendor and know for a fact that Tropical Occasions did not take a single cent. Being a bride can be very stressful as any bride knows. Because of Aimee and the entire staff at Tropical Occasions my stress level went down about 100%, well maybe 85% all brides are going to stress:)
Do your own homework. There are a large number of very happy brides out there thanks to Tropical Occasions services and kindness.  

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