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Milton Ridge Historic INN

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My daughter was very excited to contract Milton Ridge as her wedding site after the many wonderful reviews and pictures shown off on line.We even went with many of the services they offered because of their connection with the facility.However when the day arrived the florist sent flowers that were very limp and appeared half dead , not fresh at all.The Kissing balls for her bridesmaids were sparce to say the least.It appeared the florist had ran out of flowers lots of styrofoam was showing.The flowers on the top of the cake had fallen off the stem.And it looked like a stick poking from the top of the cake.(More Like Nightmare before christmas).Far from classy and really not worth the price paid.The tables however and the church were decorated tastefully .The cake from the cake vendor offered at Milton ridge was crooked and very apprentice like.Not appearing to come from a professional baker.It did however taste wonderful.We paid for 100 slices of cake and only had 60 guest.When the cake was cut no one was invited to have cake.The bride and groom never received a slice of the cake as the mother of the birde I had to complain to have the cake served to the bride and groom.There was not enough cake to go around and not every guest received a slice.Which was very perplexing as we had paid for almost double the serving as wehad paid for 100 servings with only 60 guest.As the Mother and Father of the Bride we had to search for a piece of the cake.We also hired the viedographer from milton ridge; he left early not even staying to capture the full reception.He did however stay at the begining and sat and ate dinner and converstaed with our photographer whom we hired from the outside;our outside photographer i would like to mention stayed from start to finish.Whe I asked the weddig coordinatoor at Milton ridge why the vidoegrapaher left early they could not supply an excuse.We had no set contract however and there were no contracted times.If we had been told he would leave early if we did not pay 100 extra dollars and hour ECT...Maybe I would have understood but this was not an option he did not even say he was leaving.We were not exactly working with a budget to plan we pulled out all the stops for our daughter.We could have searched for cheaper prices from outside vendors.We wanted her day to be very special.I also would warn about the DJ Fela he plays his music very loud and lots of RAP.More like a BAR or a Dance Club.Not exactly a DJ for a wedding.If you like this however he would be the one to hire.Myself and several of my guest had asked hm to turn the music down and play something more approriate and guest friendly he ingnored request and at the end of the wedding acted like I had never said anything at all.I Guess it really did not matter to him he had been paid far in advance.Many of our guest left early because of his unprofessional ability to cater to the guest versus his own taste for music.My husband had asked him to play our wedding song so we could have one dance ourselves.It wasnt until our daughter (The bride finally asked him at the end of the wedding that he finally played our song).In the end our daughter is Married the wedding is over and any buyer regret is far from the course.As her day cannot be returned.I will say however their catering service is wonderful and their workers on site are very curteous.They have a beautiful grounds to be married.The Minister was a delight.Their make up artist was well worth the money too, she is a hard working and does a georgous job she is well worth every penny.But buyer beware.Consider before contracting their inside services.They are only allocating services from vendors.Shop before you buy.I would stay away from their Florist and DJ service/Viedographer/Cake maker.We would have had a perfect wedding for our daugter had we used an outside vendors, maybe someone already used before.This was a lesson well learned and a road we will not travel again as we have 2 more wedding to plan.I hope this will help any brides planning their weddings.So that your day can be a perfect one.Not one stressed and begging people to do jobs they were already paid for.I will review the viedogrpahers work once submitted but I cannot help but feel he lost valuable shots that will never be replaced due to leaving early .(He left 1 1/2 after reception started.30 minutes he set eating dinner talking to our photographer my brother viedo taped him from start to finish.He left out the kitchen way almost sneaking out never saying goodbye very astonishing)I really cant help but laugh at the very thought.(Laugh instead of cry once moments pass they are not returned either)


When I contacted the florist Studio Florals This is what she sent me back:


 One thing I have learned in owning a business for 20 years is that 1% of people cause 99% of the problems.

Lisa Bertolino

Again I guess she did not care as she had gotten paid well in advance

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